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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two Months Behind - the Fourth

I can't believe it is almost September and I'm just now getting to my July 4th pictures. I'd like to blame it on my laptop that kept doing this and freezing but I can't. I just haven't done it. So here goes
The Parade
One of Thomas's student's lives on the parade route
and saved us a good seat

There were sausage sandwiches and french fries while we waited.
I don't remember parades being like this.
My Dad
He was on a drill team and as a child we got to see them in a lot of parades

I love this pictures of some of the cousins, My Gram and a couple of aunts.
It would be better if I was in it but oh well



Miss A fits right in
She didn't know what she was waiting for  but
she just went with the flow

Jack and his $10 bubble gun
They were actually walking up and down the parade route
selling souvenirs

Miss Molly and big cousin Lily
 Then back to the house for some flag football

Don't know why those women are sitting on the driveway.
Gotta work on our outdoor seating

We had a cook out somewhere in the middle of all this too

Then we did our own 'fireworks' since the community one was cancelled
We had 'poppers' and sparklers

"Wyatt, don't throw that at my . . .
No harm, No foul. Right?


Then back to the house for some flag football


Safety Talk

Piper was not ready to leave

Papa and Piper

Would it be right to have a fourth without a dog bath outside?

We are so truly blessed
Happy to be an American