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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Our nephew, Andrew, died of a self inflicted gun shot wound this morning.

He would have been 22 in August.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Visit from My Sister

Look who rolled into town on their Harley. My sister, Cookie aka Nancy, and her husband Ron from Ohio.and this is what you need when you take a 3 day trip on a motorcycle. They were very well organized.They also brought a couple of pictures of our new great nephew, Benjamin, who was born on the anniversary of our mother's death. A much better way to remember May 9th.
Here he is with his big sister and Mommy, who braved an airplane 10 DAYS after giving birth. Crazy or brave, I'm not sure. LOLThe trip was going so well they skipped the hotel halfway through and showed up a day and a half before we were expecting them. So we had all day Saturday with them. We took them (and Ella because Ella needs to be in the middle of everything) to breakfast and then over to see Jennifer and the kids.Jack took to him right away and the "kids" played. We think Jack remembered him from last summer when they played at the campground we stayed at in Ohio. He doesn't seem to remember that in the midst of all that fun he fell into the fire pit. Thank goodness. I hope someday I can forget.Even Lily took to him, showing off her new ability to stand up all on her own, actually taking her first steps the next day.I think she still prefers her PapaThen we took them to a little town on The Chesapeake Bay.First stop, Bomboy's for ice creamI just realized I didn't get any pictures of my sister and I together. I avoid the camera, puts on 10 pounds.The we visited a restored light house keepers house. Thomas, Natalie & the girls met up with us there.Wait, here's a picture of Cookie & I, FROM BEHIND! I knew pictures put ten pounds on you.

Then we stopped by the lighthouse and then walked around the boardwalk.
Natalie & EllaWe ended up at the Bomboy 's across the street which sells candy.By the time I thought about taking a picture of our candy stash there was only one piece of chocolate left. Then we took them took a local restaurant for dinner. We also went to a great local Italian restaurant for brunch after church on Sunday. That ten pounds is starting to sound like it's not just an optical illusion doesn't it?Then to the main event. Since Cookie is Lily's godmother, they came for Lily's first birthday party.Jen put us to work before the festivities. Wait, another great picture of my sister and I!Aunt Cookie & Lily. SWEET! I need to do a whole separate post for the party.Good Bye Cookie and Ron, thanks for coming!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day

We woke up to this sweetie. She slept on the pull out couch in our room (her choice) and her baby cousin, Lily slept in the crib in our room.
Lily didn't sleep much all week end. She even went all day Saturday with NO nap but was still our smiling little Lily Bean. She woke up early Sunday but just wanted to snuggle (which she doesn't do very often) and Papa was happy to oblige.

Then Piper wanted some Papa time.

Everyone started getting up so Wyatt gave his mommy her card.

Then Lily needed to come over and check Piper out.

Lucky Mommy with her two sweet redheaded daughters.

Jack took breakfast to his mommy.Cheesecake and fresh fruit.

They all enjoyed this set of charactors Ella got at the Disney store on Friday. Never can figure.

Lily just being Lily

Papa with his first Sweetie. She is getting so big.These two just love being together.

Lily signed Mommy's card all by herself, kind of.

Then Papa had to hug Wyatt.

and Jack too

The Daddy had to "get" Jack and Lily helped.

I feel so lucky that we are able to have these family ties and that everyone enjoys each other.

Then we had to start packing up.

and I had to spend some last minute time with Wyatt before they had to go visit his other grandma

Sami in Jack's glasses

Jack with Ella's suitcase

Good bye Little princess "P". We'll miss you

but wait I thought we said good bye

Look who surprised me the next day at home for my actual birthday.


Thank you again for making my "Worship Mom Week End" one made of dreams come true.

I Love you all!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Worship Mom Week End" Day Two-The Boardwalk

OK, so I'm not quite starting with day two. I found a couple from the evening of day one and I don't have the patience to put them on the bottom of of day one. Piper say "night,night" to PaPa. Not much makes him smile these day but the kids can always get him to.
Sami had to get all that spaghetti off of her face! Such a cute face too.
Lily is ready for bed too & Papa likes them like that.

WELCOME DAY TWO! Good Morning girls, didn't we just say good night? Three drowsy cousins and a Daddy Two daddies and a baby Lily, Piper & JackLily,safest place for her. She was into everything.
Breakfast for FOURTEEN has to be in shiftsI'm thinking we should have pulled the high chairs out
Piper is Daddy's Girl
Good Morning Jack, dressed for the day
but Grams is not quite readyPaPa loves his daughter-in-laws too.
Then we were ready for some more beach fun and our annual beach picture shoot.Thomas took some great pictures of us at the beach that I'll post when I get them. The kids got another chance to play at the beach and this time we brought the sand toys. After that we had lunch and everyone needed a nap before we went out to the boardwalk.
Maybe not EVERYONE took a nap. These two big kids took the chance to play in peace.The baby girls were too excited to sleep for long either.
Lily is 11 months and Piper is almost 7 months.PiperLilyThe the bubble 'incident". I couldn't get the blowers out of the bottle so they had to share just one but when I went back in Jack was only a minute behind me very proud that he had gotten the spares out of the bottle. Problem is he had to dump the bubbles out to do it.
THE BOARDWALKThe wagon was a GREAT idea!Boardwalk fries!!!Lily and her mommyOur big girl, I love her dress, long just like Mommy.They even had rides for our Lily Bean. You won't see any pictures of baby Piper on rides, maybe next year.Wyatt enjoyed the rides too.
Wyatt flying high.
I love that the little kids rides are under cover.Ella and MommyThomas, our photographer
Ella and Jack. These cousins sure do love each other. She was 3 1/2 when he came along and saw Aunt Nenni on a daily basis during her pregnancy. She was so excited to welcome him, it is almost like he is her little brother (although I suspect it won't be long before HE is bigger than HER)Lily Jean, Jelly BeanCousins, I'll have to pull this picture out when they start driving.
Lily and her daddy.I can't believe Lily was able to go on so many rides.Ella & Jack again. She didn't like being the squished one but didn't mind when her and Mommy rode and Mommy was the squished one.Charlie, Wyatt, Michele(where's Piper?hmm) & ThomasLily with Aunt Natalie. Can you tell Jennifer was the one with the camera?
Wyatt was very concerned for his cousins who were riding the "Teacup".
Patient young Jack.The lady running this ferris wheel type ride seemed to think it was just fine to put a 3year old and a 22 month old on the ride without an adult. The cage didn't even seem big enough for an adult but then we saw Jack stand up when their cage got to the top
. . .so Thomas decided to get in with them .
Ella saw all the excitement and wanted to join in the fun.It takes a lot to transport 6 grandchildren.Wait I think that's Piper in a stroller, looks like PaPa has been entertaining her, should have known.
Then back to the house for more play time.
Charlie, Michele & kids were assigned the family room for sleeping. The pull out couch, futon and port a crib and a full bath. It was a pretty good set up but it is also where all the toys were. So we played in their room. They could have fixed their bed though.They were gracious with their space.Lily loves to play ball with her daddy.Lily looks up to her cousin and brother.
We were having so much funthat we didn't get back to the house to cook the big dinner that we had planned so we dropped back to punt and just had hot dogs again. It's vacation after all. They didn't seem to mind.We're not sure who gave her ketchup but she sure didn't seem to mind.After pj's it was time for a sing along with Uncle Tommy.Ella loves it when her daddy sings.There's our sweet Piper, missing in action from our pictures some today.Once the kids were in bed we sat around awhile and had a couple of grown up drinks. Then some decided to go to a movie and the rest of us were going to play som Skip-bo like we did the night before.but some of us grown ups were too tired from such a busy day.