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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keeping Busy Making Memories

A $1 worth of ice cream
 making memories
We are so lucky to have these sweeties in our life every day
making memories
A movie with just the three of us.
 memories made

Getting ready for school.
making memories
An apple smile, just an ordinary lunch.
making memories

Showing papa a new DS game.
memories made

A smiley face in her yogurt.
memories made

Dinner at Grams'
memories made

A visit to Wyatt's classroom
Memories Made

A walking trip to the Fire Station with his class
Memories Made.

In the captain's tv watching chair

This is what a fireman will look like to you in a fire.

Heavy Hose

Let's not forget our Texas Sweeties
I showed them how to do laundry
memories made

Meeting me at the airport
memories made

Getting ready for Christmas
when we will see them next
Memories to come!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five Days, Three Holidays

These goofballs met me at the airport

I got to Texas just in time to celebrate Halloween
with my sweeties

Jack kept loosing his hat so a friend wore it for him


Then they wanted me to unpack

She wasn't feeling great and
wouldn't leave my side

Meanwhile in Maryland

Will Riker

Aunt Nenni made Ella's Merida costume
Aunt Chel,
I slept in bed with Lily and she started feeling worse
She was coughing and weezing
so I carried her into her parents at 5am
and off to the ER she went
just croup they said, just?

She felt better but we tried to keep our activities low key
So mostly just hanging out

Shawn was tired the next day so he took a nap on the love seat at lunch

They both wanted to sleep with me, Why not?
Shawn heard her coughing again before he went to bed
Then they got a prescription for steroids
Jack and I were always the first up
Loved our quite time together

Then it was Mommy's birthday
So, breakfast in bed

Poor baby
 She felt much better after a shower
Get ready for Thanksgiving

She felt so good she was eating Chinese leftovers cold.

Look, a heart

Then we decorated the Christmas tree

Jack and I worked on the veggies while everyone else napped

and then we ate

and had birthday cake

the next day started with birthday cake for breakfast

then we got ready for church

I tried taking a nice family picture but
somehow I got fingerprints on the lens of my camera

Then out to dinner at a great Mexican place

and off to the mall
still not realizing there were fingerprints on my lens

and since they never got around to decorating their pumpkins
we thought what the heck

Then we made goo

We thought we would get away without
cutting open the pumpkins
What were we thinking?

The next morning they both got up early
so we made fruit salad for breakfast

Then we bopped around town

I got him this $1 worth of goop and he was still playing with it
when I left him at the airport

  1. Old Fort Bliss
We ran into some fellow home schoolers there


and she got a $4 doll, go figure

off to the mall


The next morning I had to leave
They came to the airport with me

there's that goop again

It's so hard saying good bye
Until December then