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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Saddleblanket and Just Hangin'

 We had a great week
 Busy enough but still plenty of time to just hang out.
They acted like it was yesterday that the three of them spent their days together
Good Morning.

Give them a sponge and some water and they are busy forever

Sami adored Uncle Shawn right away! Just like he'd never been gone

We even had a little bit of time for shopping

Jen kept us busy and I loved it. She thought we could make a quick trip to a great souvenier place called The Saddleblanket with a 2 acre showroom. What were we thinking taking three excited children to a huge open room with fun, breakable and expensive things in it. She and I ended up going back another day without the kids.
They were so friendly in The Saddleblanket. Even lifting each of the kids up onto this horse for photo ops.

Lily was scared to go on the big horse but later in the week she got on this one in a shoe store. We were in Texas after all
We picked out a snakes head key chain for Papa
Jack went to school in the mornings and this is the playground at the school
Can you tell it's an Army post

The sand drove Sami crazy. She kept taking off her shoes

We mostly ate in or took a packed lunch but we were starving after a long day and decided to eat at the PX food court.
It wasn't easy for the people I left behind in Maryland but I sure did enjoy my time in Texas.

Still a few more pictures to go through and exciting things are happening in the moment here.
Stay Tuned

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Walk in the Mountains, Texas Style

Shawn made sure everyone had a hat
After lunch and in the heat of the day (smart move) we decided to head off to Franklin Mountain State Park to walk through the desert a bit.

Can't remember why we thought it was necessary to get a snack on the way.
It was right off post and only took half an hour.

Crazy man with the sunscreen again. No one got burnt all week, thank you, Shawn

It was the beginners trail, 1/2 mile total

Shawn also made sure everyone was hydrated with his camelpack. Every time a pink cheek popped out everyone had to take a drink. A man used to the desert.

we saw none!

Nice hat Shawn hahahaha

The kids had such a great time looking at everything and so much energy. They loved being outside.

We all took a turn corralling Lily. She has no fear. We just visualized her falling into a bed of cacti

another drink

see Lily it would hurt


Shawn always has great information to share or was he giving them another drink?


We had such a great time!

so pretty. We loved the scenery so much Jen took a ton of pictures to use as art in their new house.

A safe place to give her some space

Sami got tired, she said we should have brought the wagon.

These two never get tired

We spent so much time there that the park was closed by the time we left and someone had to come unlock the gate for us. Although Shawn had to get out and show him how

Another fun day!