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Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday Wedding Party Three Generations

I'm joining Kelly's Korner this week with her
Show Us Your Life

Our daughter, Jennifer, and her father. The hoop in her dress was so big she had a hard time getting around the alter. She kept knocking into all the flowers

Jennifer's Mini Bridesmaid, her niece Ella, and her mother & Jen's Matron of Honor, Natalie. Ella didn't make it through the ceremony, she had to stay with her other grandma :( The flowers are silk and designed for us by a wonderful lady on EBAY!

Jennifer and her two brothers and Groomsmen, Charlie (Wyatt's dad) and Thomas (Ella & Samantha's dad).

Jennifer & Shawn April 9, 2005

and yes, his "best man" was a woman.

Her bridesmaids were Shawn's sister and a school friend.

Everyone wore black and white and the alter was COVERED

in white Easter flowers since she got married a week after Easter.

"US" August 2, 1978
Sad to say that it has been waaay too many years since

we've even seen our Maid of Honor and Best Man
Since it was just me and Darlene I just told her to pick a dress

and went with it. I think it's interesting though

that my mom also had yellow for her Maid of Honor. Tom's Best Man was Doug, a childhood friend.

They grew apart as teen agers but he always knew

that's who he wanted to stand up with him.

My Parents October 10, 1953

My mother kept her flowers along with her dress, veil and cake top.

In later years she let the granddaughters play with them.

My mother's favorite color was always yellow.

My dad would send her yellow roses for their anniversary each year,

one for each year of their marriage.

My mother died 7 months after their 50th anniversary at 70 and

my father joined her two years later in 2007.
They are all gone now but the flower girl who is my Godmother.

Their memory lives on in our hearts.

Welcome to our memories.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maybe I Need to Up My Dose of B12!

So, here are the projects I was going to get done this summer.
That kind of sounds like I've already excepted the fact
that it isn't going to get done doesn't it?

This swing was made by Tom's great grandfather and I'm kind of embarrassed that I let it get like this.

Here are some of my parents pictures that I have yet to scan.

Here is my dining room table.
I have sewing projects ranging from mending to making a blanket for Jack out of his outgrown onsies and shirts

I promised my DIL that I would take the bumper pad from Wyatt's bedding set (that we are no longer suppose to use!) and make a cornice for his window in their new house. Tom got the cornice built. I JUST need to staple it down. The other project is to take the flag we flew for our SIL when he was serving in Iraq along with the yellow ribbon and get it pretty in the frame.

Then there's the organizing of the four grankids pictures. We had one grandchild for three and a half years and in the last year and a half have added three more. I plan to start with the dozen of frames and go from there



Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Our Wedding Dresses -Three Generations

I'm joining Kelly's Korner this week with her
Show Us Your Life
Our daughter April 9, 2005He was 21 and just back from Iraq and she was 20My "cupcake" and IWe got her dress off E-bay brand new for $250.
We actuallypicked the dress up from a nice lady
in the parking lot of our local mall.
It needed very little alterations.

My Parents October 10,1953

My mother was 19 and my dad almost 23

I am storing her dress.
She wanted someone to wear it again but
it just never worked out.
Maybe one of the great grandkids
can use it for their weddings.

Me in 1978

Our wedding was thrown together VERY quickly.
I found out I was pregnant on June 23rd
and was married on August 2nd

My son edited this photo to look like I was in a
field of daises. I thought it was pretty cute

I got my dress on the clearance rack at JCPenney's
for less than $100. It also did not need to buy a veil
since it has a HOOD.It was a bit warm though
and I ALMOST passed out on the alter.

More artwork by our son for our 25th anniversary.
We couldn't afford a photographer back then.

I was 19 and he was 18, a brand new High School graduate and neither one of us had jobs. What were we thinking! What were our parents thinking!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Haircut, Fifth Birthday, Moving Away and A Sleepover

Life here has been crazy to say the least
and this week was no different.
It started with a haircut for the big boy.
He only got a few curls cut off
but still . . . Before with PaPa, they both needed a trim.and after, now he doesn't have that
Superman curl falling in his eyes.
The cheek squeeze is a sign of the
THREE new teeth he just broke through! We could never think of a first haircut without thinking
about this one in 1980. Poor Uncle Tommy.

Then there was Ella's Birthday Party
They had it at the club so the kids played in the"treehouse"
and then went swimming before the cake & presents.WYATTJACK The Birthday Girl
Wyatt kissing Jack good bye,
they left from the party on the final move to Ohio
We'll see you soon!

Sitting in their new kitchen

and a Sleepover
Ella has been giving her parents a hard time
at bedtime since Samantha came home.
She seems to think there are all kinds of fun things
going on after she goes to bed.
We were her prize for going to bed the last few nights
First, we put together a new 100 piece puzzle
with a snack

Then we made a pizza with mushrooms.
She ate half of the can before they got to the pizza.
After a bath we ate the pizza
and put the puzzle together AGAIN
of course there was swinging on the new swing mixed in!
Then we cuddled in bed and watched Max & Ruby
When I took her home I hung around and took care of Samantha
while Mommy went to physical therapy for her knee
and Ella had a friend over to play.
Then it was time for lunch and a nap all around.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Memory Monday-Holland

While Tom was stationed in Germany we were able to see a lot of Europe.
Jen and I went on a bus tour to Holland in 1995 during tulip season
but of course I can't find the pictures of the gardens we visited
or now that I think of it the windmill fields This was just a staged shot at a tourist trap
We did really have fun dressing up

The clogs, they really do wear them everywhere.
They keep your feet dry (it was pretty wet there)
and they are really comfortable
kind of like crocs I guess. Go Figure.
By the way, don't you just love the perm!
Sorry Jen

We love cheese and theirs was great!
They think Americans are strange to
refrigerate their cheese. It really is
better at room temperature .