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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleepover With The Girls

For the next three week ends we will be having extended time with the grandkids. This last week end we had the girls from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. This coming week end Jack will be coming for the same amount of time and the following week end Wyatt and Michele will be visiting from OhioShe wants every blanket in the houseShe was swaddled at the begining of the night Sami's dinner, frozen peas and pears to feed herself and stage 2 green beans YUM

She had a runny nose and an ear infection :(

Ella took this picture. Brutus loves to sit wherever Sami is

Ella and her PaPa made a pizza with a section for each of us, Hers has mushrooms, mine had onions and PaPa's has everything.

Her bedtime story (another one of Ella's photos) This was her favorite page. She kept arguing with me about the chipmunks names and their favorite colors.

Then we watched this movie while we layed in bed.

of course we had to have a snack to go with our movie
(Ella's photography again)

Her Favorite.
I think she took a picture of everything in the kitchen.

On Saturday PaPa took her to see this movie.
The funniest part was when he wore a pink tutu or so I'm told.

Saturday we had meatballs for dinner.


Our son turned THIRTY ONE! Happy Birthday Thomas
He & Natalie spent the night and day in DC

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowstorms of 2010 So Far

The average snowfall for the Baltimore/Washington area is 18 inches. Since December 6th 2009 we have received SIXTY FIVE and counting.
This is what I found when I went to let the dogs outside. I had to shovel them a spot to do their business.They don't seem to mind they just find the sunbeam

Ella had a sleepover with us the night the storm started. Her Daddy had to come over and shovel a path so she could get home. Good thing they can walk there.

Those are our cars! No, we don't have a garage. We didn't think we needed one when we moved in and only planned on living here a couple of years at the most. That was NINE years ago. How does that happen? The longest we ever lived anywhere before this was 2 years.

but Daddy my shoe is coming off

That's ok, I'll carry you (look at her shoe) After hours of shoveling and fighting with Tom to keep him in the house I gave in and called my favorite Son in Law, Shawn, and asked him to come over and help. Between he & Thomas they even got a parking spot cleared for Shawn's car so he could park & enjoy the Super Bowl. Thanks guys!

Just as we were getting shoveled out,this is what I woke up to this morning. FYI that's our sidewalk from the house to the street.

Thomas's house from our front door this morning & it's still snowing.

Where's the picnic table? Doesn't matter, not like we'll be using it for a while.