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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keeping Busy

If we're ahead of schedule they get to play before school.
So really, what do we do all day? Let me tell you.
Weekdays I am up at 6 so I can be across the street at 6:30 so Thomas can get to work (The school day starts at 9) I get the girls up and fed and dressed and back across the street by 8:30. Tom gets up with Nik at 7:45 and gets him ready for the day. Sami starts school at 8:45 so all five of us get in my new car to drop her off. Tom stays in the car with the big kids while I walk Sami in. We get the big kids to their school no later than 9:15, traffic is crazy! Then Tom and I go to breakfast and run errands until it's time to pick Sami up. After lunch and an hour of play she naps so I can get mundane things around here done. That is of course if no one has dr. appts ( I passed some kidney stones last week), court, or volunteering responsibilities. It seems more often than not we are adjusting.

One day it was just me and the girls
so I took Ella into Sami's classroom
and she got to meet the class pet, Mr Nibbles,

Ella went to the same pre school
so she was excited to see her old teachers.

Of course there are a couple of days a week that we watch Wyatt and Piper too.
It's not often that they are all here at the same time,
On the week ends though I'm on my own
because Tom works at the Ripken Complex as a tournament Official.

She made her binoculars out of toilet paper tubes at school.


Piper colored this with the soul purpose
that she would put it on our fridge.
After church on Sunday, Nik and I went to visit Pops at work.

One week after church we went to the fabric store
to get some things so I could make pillows for Thomas' classroom.

On one of our errands we went to Kohl's to get Tom some new clothes.
So Old!
We also sent our Texas sweeties some new clothes
oh, and an ice dream/yogurt maker
Lily wanted light up princess shoes and these were the only ones i could find.
Sorry Sweetie I'll get you the right ones
Striderite  Stride Rite for Disney Wish Lights Aurora (Toddler)

Then we got a call and added a little sweetie for a few days.
The kids love when we get to have an extra 'baby' around.

Sami loved her hand me down skeleton shirt.
Our Jack wore it last year.
She is growing like a weed!

"Look at me and smile!" YOY
I guess I should have turned off the tv first.
Loving life

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Birthdays and a Trip to Ohio

Ella turned nine in July but had her party in August. She had a summer of Brave and her party included some zip line along with other brave activities. Then they had a sleepover. I think her parents were the brave ones.

You can tell she is tired when even her face muscles are weak.

Happy 9th Sunshine!
We went to Ohio for the week end to see my brothers and sisters. It was their first chance to meet Nik. We all got together at the camp ground we spent the summers at as kids.

Lily wasn't feeling herself. She threw up earlier in the day.
Her brother threw up in Aunt Sue's kitchen the night before.
Nik didn't get it until we got home.

Mark and Sue waiting for their grandson to show up.

Look at these two! No one deserves grandkids as much as these two.

Our niece's littlest.

Both my brothers' grandkids.

Jillian is a couple of months older than Sami.
She is a the best big sisiter/cousin!

Sue had so much stuff for these kids to do!

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Nik loves babies, he keeps asking when we are getting another one.

The kids were amazed at Uncle Mark's couch
We had a great time. Thanks Mark and Sue

Jen made him this shirt
and she made tool belts for all the kids at  his construction themed party
 at a local playground..
Then it was time to celebrate Nik's 5th birthday.
 A little early so our Texas sweeties could be there.

Everything is healthier when you add a piece of fruit.

He was pretty stoked to have a cupcake with the other kids.
We just added it to his dinner carbs and gave him insulin to cover it.


He was so happy
and he still had his actual birthday to celebrate and more presents.

Then they had to go back to Texas.
We sure do miss them!
This picture brings tears to my eyes
We asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said
'have breakfast in bed'
OK, we can do that.

Happy Birthday big guy.
We love you!