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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ella Hit Double Digits

Ella has had a busy summer already
She spent a couple of days in DC
With Aunt Nenni and her cousins
when Mommy was on a business trip (pre-Molly)

Lily didn't like the sound of the subway train
Big cousin Ella protected her

They went to the Art and Science Museum

She wouldn't hold the bug but her little cousin loved it

The thing they wanted to do most
Visit the PEEPS store

Relaxing after work in the hotel.
Feel your baby cousin move

The hotel is fun all on it's own

Breakfast in bed

Look but don't touch

THIS you can touch


She has been taking summer school classes on line.
So far she is able to stay on grade level and
her parents are making sure it stays that way
She started horse back riding
Great to strengthen those weak muscles AND
she loves it

Her other grandparents took her to NY!
She not only saw the Statue of Liberty but also
The Empire State building AND
Cinderella on Broadway
Her two little sisters have been bonding so well!
Sami is such a protective sister just like HER
big sister was 5 years ago
 Ella and Sami bonded right away
but so far Ella hasn't shown much interest in Molly
Then we celebrated her TENTH birthday
 in their new home
She is having her annual birthday sleepover next week

Natalie's parents were there to share also

She blew them all out!
We were so proud
Something as simple as blowing out candles
takes a lot of muscle strength

If you noticed the name tags we are all wearing
Ella made one for each of us
Figuring out how to spell each of our 'real' names

We love hugs

Looking at her first birthday pictures

more hugs

Those first birthday pictures again

Ella gave her one of her new toys


These two adore each other and I adore them
They remind me so much of each other
I often call them by each other's name