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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I have been working on a 'cousin' post. My idea was to get a compilation of pictures of the grands with each other showing how cousins become friends. Great idea, right? That means though I have to go through seven years of pictures. I am up to 2011. In the mean time it seems like I can't keep up with day to day life let alone write about it.
My sister and niece came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and we were so busy that we didn't take any pictures. Well, that's not quite true. We got our picture taken at Medieval Times but it's not a picture I am ready to share. It was such a nice week end.
Adding to that it has just been crazy busy here AND I have been sick and I NEVER get sick. It's driving me crazy. I not only sprained my back (probably lifting the 35 pound 2 year old LOL) I also have been struggling with a cold or flu or whatever it is it won't end. Poor Miss Molly has been struggling with a double ear infection as has our foster daughter. She has been keeping Tom hopping with appointments. Between the rotting teeth, all but non existent immunizations, constant runny nose, eating issues and delays it is just never ending to get her what she needs. We already love her.
This is  the picture that got me  started on my 'cousin' post
Still in the works
because this is the picture it reminded me of  4 years earlier

This is what is keeping me from getting my 'cousin' post finished
LIFE as I know it and love it

I haven't been taking as many pictures as I used to
no, really
As a matter of fact Thomas had a birthday and I got
NO pictures

I do take more of Miss Molly
because I like to send them to Mommy at work

Oh ya, Jack entered his first Pinewood Derby
He designed his car to look like a shark
It was pretty exciting to watch

I feel like I posted pictures of Lily being in The Nutcracker
but her and her friend Laura are just so cute in the outfits Jen made
I need to post

Sami at school

Lily treats her like a baby sister
There is a two year age gap
She is not quite a baby

 Keeping warm after a bath
and look at my new floors
just had the same hardwood extended into the living room

Jennifer (Nenni) is making her a blanket and she is very excited

Sleepover fun

He gets worn out playing with these girls
He is so patient

Not even enough snow to cover the grass
but they had to go out anyway

Wait, I think this is from Thomas's birthday
I'm not a bad mom after all

I got them all matching dresses from Ebay
They love to twirl
I'm thinking they would look cute on the beach

Piper spends two days a week with us but we don't see Wyatt much
He does get to see his cousins at church events once or twice a week
and Papa stops over their house from time to time
He also took him to see a movie just the two of them

Teaching Miss A about orange smiles

Even though we didn't get much snow this season the schools used up all their snow days on 'impending' weather.
Between cancellations and delays they spent a lot of time together

The end of February and we finally got some measurable snow
Too bad we happen to get stuck right in the middle of the storm

Where is the road?

There it is . . . I think
At least in our new house we don't have to plow or shovel
HOA is good for something

I think Piper picked out her own outfit

Everybody loves Miss Molly

Sick baby

Bunny Ears

One blackberry

Jennifer and Shawn have been so good with Miss A
Taking her whenever they go out
Like Jen says, treating her like their third child

This little boy is getting ready to turn seven. OUCH

The redheads in their twirly dresses

 and I forgot to say Natalie is on a business trip in Arizona this week
I have been going over their house in the mornings to get the girls ready
Can't trust them with a phone
 She sends the girls pictures
Next week doesn't look like it will slow down much with Jack's birthday and we will have an 18 month old little boy for the week in respite care while his foster parents go on vacation.
and still working on that 'cousin' post