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Monday, October 13, 2014

More of the Same but Never Boring

Now that school is in full swing we are in a type of routine.
Our Miss Molly shows up at 7am
Jack goes to school at 9 and Lily Bean 1:30
Piper spends a morning a week with us

She still sleeps quite a bit
Her mommy says she ven sleeps 10 hours at night

                                           Our Branson sweeties love having her here!

Papa is getting more comfortable with her
He doesn't much like the 'lump' stage
but now that she interacts
 he's spending more time with her

                                        Jack tries to sneak down and visit me in the mornings
                                      I'm pretty sure it's just for our Kindle and not to see me

Piper said
'take my picture, I pretty"
Yes you are sweetie

                                     Wyatt and Piper spend Saturday afternoons with us
                                                the redheads are here too most Saturdays
                                              We try to make it fun for them but honestly
                                                 they just want to play with each other

Jack 6 years
                         A couple of Sundays ago Natalie called and asked if we wanted to go
                                    to the beach at Susquehana State Park, of course we did
                            It was a bit chilly for the grown ups but the kids jumped right in

Lily 4 years


Ella- 10 years

                                               Miss Molly Marie almost 3 months old

Like I said
the Branson sweeties love Miss Molly

The shirt Jack is wearing was his mommy's
in high school

They all take off their shoes and put them in the 'shoe closet'
I'm not sure how this routine started but I like it

                                                   on Tuesday the redheads stay for dinner
                                                           and do their homework
Uncle Shawn spent a total of 2 hours during the course of the evening
doing homework with Ella
Her Mito brain was just not working though

Tuesday dinners are special, this week was Chinese
last week, steak

                                                            even for the Pre-Ker


We are thinking she may be a redhead after all

and sometimes they both 'sneak' down and join me in bed

                                                           COUSIN FUN TIME
                                                 coloring the back of the Jell-O box

                                                           Lily got the camera

Lily sharing her baby with the baby

                                          The easiest way to have them feed Miss Molly
                                                               is from the car seat
Then we had a chance to visit the Fire House

They road the fire truck

and they got free stuff

                                                             We even had lunch there

Sami even showed up

 We watched them cut the roof off a car
and we waited for them to set a car on fire
unfortunately we got a call that Charlie went from work
 by ambulance to the ER in downtown Baltimore
with chest pains

Thank goodness it was not his heart . . . yet
He HAS to loose some weight.
He's using CPAP now
 and we're helping each other to diet
                                                   NEVER BORING AROUND HERE
More of the same
but never boring