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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Parent's Honeymoon

My parents were married in 1953 and celebrated their 50th anniversary the year before my mother died. They loved each other and rarely argued but no one could deny that they did pick on each other a good amount. LOL
It warms my heart to look at these pictures and peek into their early love. I don't know much about their young love except that his sister, my Aunt Syl, was friends with my mother and asked her to write to my father who was stationed in Korea as an Army truck mechanic. They were both the baby of the family and were raised by single mothers. He was raised on the wrong side of the tracks by an older mother and some alcoholic siblings. He considered himself a tough guy. She was raised by a hard working Catholic mother with the help of two older brothers, three aunts and some very loving nuns. To think without these two young people falling in love we wouldn't even exist.
These pictures were taken on their honeymoon at a cottage in the Pocono Mountains in PA.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week End at the Beach for Four

This was what 2 grandparents and two small grandchildren need for three days at the beach. Don't ask me what is there I don't even know.

He loved being outside but he made me nervous on the third floor balcony.

Jack & PaPa Friday night when we got there.
He loved it but wasn't sure about the water at first.

There were lumps of clay at the waters edge and he was amazed.
He went back and forth from calling them rocks and dinosaur eggs.
Sorry about the dirty shirt.

There was this great ship in the sand right outside our hotel for the kids to play on.

Of course there were those pesky calls from Mommy.

PaPa took him to the top the first time but it was a very awkward set up especially for someone with a fused spine. Look how tall that thing is and those stairs.

Then I took Ella up and then Jack again and then Ella again. Did I say how tall it was?!

He LOVED the sand!

I love the water but hate to swim so this is one of my all time favorite things to do with one of my all time favorite people.

Ella remembered this ride from last year when we took her, Jack liked it until he got inside and was bored by it since you couldn't tell it was a monkey from the inside.
This is as close to the water as Pops gets.

Poor Tom didn't sleep well. This is how I found him when Jack got me up at 6:30. Ella didn't even know he had his feet on her bed for hours.

He kept saying "All Aboard the Dinosaur Train". He must have ridden it a half a dozen times. I don't get it, it just went sloooow around a circle.

Picnic on the beach. Doesn't get much better.

They both loved it but my feet were numb from the cold.

I was lucky enough to ride the helicopter.

DQ on the beach for dinner.

Jack putting dinosaurs in Ella's shoes. Wish I knew what he was thinking.


He got his sucker stuck in his hair and when I pulled it out he wanted it back so I pulled off the hairs and gave him a wipee to clean it off. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing.

I love you PaPa (please let me out of the high chair)

Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good!

Ella watching a DVD in the car.

Watching a DVD in the hotel and eating Dippin Dots, her favorite.

They had Elmo's World on the big tv but were watching Elmo's World on the 5 inch DVD player. Ella was so good about letting Jack watch what he liked. She went on this when Jack went on the train. I'm glad they didn't make us go with her, It went FAST in a circle and then backwards FAST.
Her pants were soaked before we thought to push them up.

They both did great in the pool. She could even walk in sections but used her tube, jumping in and all.

The "hot tub". Pops and I enjoyed this the most even though it wasn't that hot.

I'll never get too much of this.

Ella makes friends wherever she goes. This little girl's name was Audrey and she was a year younger than Ella.

Can't wait until Mother's Day week end when ALL our grandchildren (those that are born by then and those inutero) and our children will be spending a long week end at a beach in Delaware.