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Friday, June 29, 2012

Too Much Information

The day after I got back from spending the week with my sister was Father's Day. We kept the celebration low key. Tom's favorite thing to do is to go to the movies. He takes the big kids and the little kids and sometimes me (no matter who he takes though they always brings me back a bucket of popcorn and a lemonade) so this time WE took HIM. All THIRTEEN of us + Natalie's Dad,Roger, who was visiting to help while I was out of town.

I hadn't been taking very many pictures so the only ones on my camera were the Fathers's Day one and this one of my sister and brother from the day that I left. I E-mailed this one to my sister and sent the Father's Day one also. Bad decision. It upset her greatly to see a whole family( - Shawn but I'm sure she wasn't thinking about that)when she lost half of her children. Now she's not talking to  me. Something so innocent can cause such heartache. She knows she can be mad at me though. I'll be here when she needs me because that's what families do.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Foster Care

Last year one of Thomas's past students was put into foster care and they were having a hard time finding a home for her. Thomas and Natalie had it in their hearts to volunteer their home. They started the Foster Care training  program and since we would be helping out we thought we would go along and get certified too. That placement fell through for them and a good home was found for that child. We completed the program and last month were officially certified. We told our case worker though with Jennifer and the kids here at this point we only had room for an infant. We really didn't think it would happen. Then the phone rang Monday and our case worker said "How crazy is your life right now?"  "pretty crazy, why?" "We have a newborn that needs a placement" "WE'RE IN".  As we sat in the hospital room holding a four pound baby waiting to finish paperwork we got a text from Natalie saying they were just called to take in a 5 and 6 year old. Now we're all in and our life has gotten even crazier. This is definitely our calling.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Kim, Cookie & Me on Jennifer's wedding day 2005
My week in Ohio is coming to a close. Tomorrow Felicia comes into town with Zach to spend Father's Day near his father's final resting place. Then Cookie will spend a couple of days with Kim.
I haven't done much but sit in the house with Kim sometimes just while she sleeps the day away hopefully taking the edge off of her immense grief by taking some of the lonliness out of her empty house. When she can we run errands. I drive and she tells me where to go; the doctor, Post Office, Grocery Store, bank, cemetery.
The one good thing about the week is the time my sisters and I have spent together. Not doing anything, just talking and sometimes just sitting quietly or sharing a bag of dark chocolate Chex Mix and sometimes crying. We were never close as kids but in recent years as bad things happen we have been there for each other. Just being there and becoming friends.
I don't feel I am done here but I need to go back to Maryland to see my sweeties including my biggest one, Tom. Jennifer flew into Ohio today to drive back to Maryland with me. Kim,even now being the big sister, insisted I couldn't drive myself back, even giving me her credit card to buy her plane ticket (which I didn't take and that made her angry LOL) It seems right to have Jennifer with us though like she has been with every other crisis. I leave her in good hands. I'll be back, a sister's work is never done.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sue, Mark and their new grandson, Simon
I've been in Ohio since we came in for Evan's funeral. Evan's funeral, I can't believe I'm even saying those words. This is all so surreal. Natalie brought me to Ohio and I couldn't be more grateful for a daughter in law from heaven. Tom and Thomas met us here and we stayed with my brother Mark and his wife, Sue. When Tom, Natalie & Thomas left I stayed two days with Mark and Sue. They were so gracious. Thank You!
Eric,Amie, Aiden & Macie
My sister asked me to stay with her for a few days after her surviving son, Eric, and his family left. ABSOLUTELY

Macie, Eric Kim and Aiden last Christmas

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day

This year we took Memorial Day very slow with Shawn gone and remembering Andrew and what happened last year.
We hung out at home just family

and finished up the last of the Easter chocolate

Then we went over to Thomas and Natalie's for a little cook out

Then they went to Post where the USO had a Sesame Street Live show free for the kids.
They all wore their Army hats.

The USO also gave them each a bandana and an Elmo flashing toy.

Then to Rita's for some Italian Ice

Good all things considered

Andrew's big brother. Evan, a four time deployed Airman
 DIED of a self inflicted gun shot wound.

He  had gotten out of the service a couple of months ago and had a new job and new son.
My heart aches for his wife, Felicia
I'll be in Ohio staying with my sister for a few days.
I don't know how you get past loosing two sons

RIP Evan and Andrew