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Friday, May 24, 2013

Worship Mom Week-End Part Two

We ended Saturday night with a cook out and finished it off with my birthday.
Thomas has been a lover of turtles since he had his first one in college so when he spotted this one while cooking it had to be shared with the kids.

I had an ice cream cake which was my third cake this year. I thought about my brother, Mark, the whole time I was enjoying it since he loves ice cream but did not have one this year because his grandson would not be able to share it with him. We love our grand kids. I ate a piece for you, Mark.

Cake #1, a cheesecake for breakfast on my actual birthday from my two redheaded sweeties.

Cheesecake up close. Thomas said I needed too many candles so he only counted my single digits.

Cake #2 from my Texas sweeties. Yellow roses in honor of my mom for mother's day.

I couldn't eat it so i told them to eat my share.
We took Ella shopping after the little kids went to bed. She had her own money and found this doll. I guess they are THE thing now. We also stopped in at Justice and Children's Place since for the first time in her life she is growing out of her clothes so fast we can't keep up with them.

The next morning was Mother's Day so the dads cooked.

We all hung out for awhile and then we all went to the local Catholic Church together.

Ready for church. Hopefully next year they'll be spending Mother's Day with their mothers.
Then off to the PLANNED trip to the beach access that comes with the house.
The weather cooperated with us.
We brought a picnic, some toys and our wetsuits.
He has never taken his shoes off on the beach
and he says real men don't wear sandles.

She looked adorable in her wetsuit but didn't want to get near the waves.

When did this happen? She is so old!

Wyatt loves the beach, in August. He didn't seem to understand or feel the difference

Most of them took a turn in the waves with Thomas

Nik loved the water and the wetsuit was very useful!

They really tried to keep Wyatt out of the waves but he's hard to say no to.

Look, Wyatt got Uncle Tommy to take him out too. Poor Mommy was trying to keep him clean for their visit with her mom later in the day.

No matter what the weather we always have a great time.
We're coming back in August when Jen and her crew can join us.

We had to make Wyatt get out. He said he was not cold. Next year wetsuit!

Thanks Natalie for packing it all up.

Uncle Tommy lent his shirt to Wyatt.


Before we even realized it we had been out there for three hours!

Then we rested before the trip home.
Tom and I went back to the boardwalk with our two.
Thomas and Natalie stopped at the outlets with their two.
Charlie and Michele skipped the nap so they could get back quicker with their two.

It wouldn't be  right not to add my two Texas sweeties on Mother's Day
We missed you guys.
See you in August

Then I got this very sweet picture in a text from our niece wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. With everything she is dealing with she thought of me. I am blessed.