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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sami Turns Two

Sami stayed with us while her birthday party was being set up. She was suppose to be taking a nap but her baby cousin came to visit and all bets for a rested birthday girl were off.
They were happy so we just went with it.
Then Aunt Nenni came by to get her birthday outfit on, WA LA Minnie MouseThe lack of nap and excitement finally hit her when she got to the party. Mommy had to break out the Binky.Ella was more than happy to pose in front of the sign. Sami celebrated with Isabelle who was born the day before Sami in the same hospital.Getting her huge Minnie Mouse loosened her up some.The party was outside and Jack enjoyed his roller coasterStop Jack, that's far enoughWe set up the bouncy house we bought for Lily's party again. The kids just love it!The birthday girl adjusted quickly and even left the Binky in the dust.Remeber when she was born and we couldn't decide if she was going to blond or red headed HERE? I guess we know!
There were plenty of other things to do also, tents and tunnels. The kids were all so well behaved.oh, and balls of every kindand food!Then cake, two cakes for two birthday girls. Sami's is the one made out of cupcakes.Then Daddy helped her blowWe're not sure why she wouldn't pick it up at first.She got it!All DoneThen back to the Bouncy Houseand Papa decide to eat after all. We had tickets to a baseball game later on and were going to eat there but the cook out looked too good to pass up.The kids just played and playedThey even had a face painterWhat a great time. The neighbors ended up hanging out until 10. This week end a trp to Ohio for the 4th of July, Then Ella's birthday on July 17th and back to Ohio for Piper's baptism on July 24th. Just the life of a couple of loving grandparents.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day Camping

We planned a camping trip to Gettysburg for Father's Day. Before the hour and a half drive though we had to take our daily walk with Samantha.
We set up our cabin first and then moved on to setting up the two tents.

2 year old cousin + 3 year old cousin=
TROUBLEI haven't seen a teeter totter in YEARSThe wagon was a life saver since the tent sights weren't as close to the cabin as the campground led us to believe.Lily was walking all over the place"Tag Grams, you're it!""Please Uncle Tommy, cook me a hot dog."Ghost stories, kindaMy dad loved jokes and he would tell them to the kids when they were too small to get them. One of his favorites was "The night was dark and stormy and all the kids were sitting around the campfire and the captain said (insert name) tell us a story and the captain said the night was dark and stormy and all the kids were sitting around the campfire and the captain said (insert name) tell us a story . . ." ELLA GOT IT THIS TIME!Daddy, tell me a storyElla was so excited to give Tom his gift that they gave it to him Saturday morning.
"It's an Iphone Papa, let me show you how to use it.""Maybe Daddy should show you how to use it"I love to see a daddy brush out his little girl's hair. Sounds sexist, I know but it's so sweet.
Jack brought his daddy up to the cabin for a shower.
Ella wanted to give her daddy his gift too. It was a book with photos that her, Sami and Mommy had printed.They loved shoveling, go figureLove the wagon!BUBBLES!"Grams, wait for me!"Jennifer made Thing 1 shirts and Thing 2 dresses for the three sets of little ones.Cousins, it makes me smile.Frisbees, another big hitbasketballShawn beat another camper dad in Corn Hole, they all played horseshoes too.
Tom also got an award for the dad having the biggest family there.Then there was swimming!Thomas and his girlsWorn out! We still had camping to do thoughWe didn't rough it too much. They even had satellite TV but the signal was horrible so we didn't watch anything."Uncle Tommy, get up"Shawn was in charge of stoking up the fireWe're always struggling with Sami to keep her shoes onNo Lily, that's Mountain Dew is for Grams.Peek A BooThen Thomas brought out the guitar.Ohhh SamiMarshmallows!Even Lily had a marshmallow. so back into the wagon and back to the cabin for a bathS'mores timeUncle Tommmmmy!SPARKLERSElla didn't sleep well in the tent Friday so her and Sami stayed at the cabin with us.Happy Fathers Day!I made everyone waffles and bacon for breakfastDo these kids look tired or what! We never even made it to the battlefields. Next time.I had Jennifer make all these Cleveland Indians shirts with the embroidery machine. We call all the kids our Sweeties and Ella always let's everyone know that she was the first sweetie so I had Jen put SWEETIE and their birth order number on the back. Here he is with #4 (Sami),#1 (Ella), #5(Lily) and #2(Jack). Our number #3(Wyatt) and #6(Piper) were in Ohio. We missed you guys.