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Sunday, November 28, 2010

and these are the good times! Thanksgiving week end was filled with family, friends, food and football. Is there anything better?We started on Wednesday night when Tom's brother came from Ohio, we had a nice relaxing steak dinner and of course a few beers. Charlie & Michele showed up with the kids about 1am. Natalie's parents & brother also came in Wednesday night so Thursday morning we had everybody for breakfast and then attempted to decorate the tree. We also got the six grandkids dressed up (in the tutus I made)and attempted to get pictures for our Christmas cards. Tom's mother and stepfather showed up from PA midday and were very excited to meet the two little girls for the first time. We put them up in a hotel since we already had Charlie, Michele & the 2 kids and Tom's brother, Tim, staying with us. We had 4:30 reservations for dinner which I have to say it is the smartest thing we've ever done. Twenty for dinner and no prep or clean up! Very relaxing two hours and to the kids enjoyment they had a chocolate fountain for dessert. We then all went over Thomas & Natalie's for dessert & drinks. Friday morning our three kids and I went shopping.I really can't remember when just the four of us did anything together. Natalie took the girls and went with her parents to visit family in NY and Tom was able to spend some time with his brother,mother, stepfather & Wyatt.Michele took off with Piper to visit friends and wrap presents for the day.I had made a turkey and ham for leftovers so we had a nice dinner and continued the decorating. Tom's brother left (To see whoever he was texting all day my guess is. LOL). Saturday was the big Ohio State/Michigan game so Charlie made us some chili and Michele took the baby to spend the day with her mother & sister. We said good bye to Tom's family and took Charlie & Michele to the mall to get the kids pictures taken (I have realized that if I want pictures I have to take the bull by the horns and do it myself LOL).Sunday we were able to see Thomas & Natalie & the girls again and finish up the decorations and clean up the house some. Charlie & Michele were gone all day visiting friends and family, they came and picked up their stuff and were on the road by 8. We've got 4 weeks to recover and start the whole thing all over again. I love our grandkids! I can't imagine what holidays would be like without them.

Natalie's mom,Beverly

"Uncle Chuckles" & Lily "O H I O"

Wyatt loved his cousin, Lily

Charlie has the red hair but neither of his children have it but his two nieces do. Sami loved the baby

Great Grandpap Steve is sooo good with babies.

He is showing Grandma Joyce how to hold Piper's head up
We had three tables at the restaurant and were able to walk around and visit. They had a buffet with not only traditional food but pork, beef and cod (which Wyatt LOVED)

We're so happy that he is comfortable in our home. He knows where everything is and sleeps in the big boy bed with no trouble.

Grandma Joyce just kept saying how happy she was to have everyone together. Lily makes everyone smile.

So like her mother, she LOVES reading.

We got to sit at the kids table and who wouldn't want to.

The dinosaur nugget is eating Jack's food.

I took them each to the chocolate fountain to dip their own dessert.

Uncle Tommy and Wyatt. The connection between them just makes me smile.
He loves vroom vrooms

PaPa,Wyatt & Piper. We miss you already.

Ella was taking pictures. These girls are about a year apart. I think they will be friends in the years to come.

Me with Natalie's mom & brother

Roger, Beverly & Alex, Natalie's family.
Sami & Uncle Al, aren't they sweet!

Uncle Tommy & Wyatt

Our Christmas Cupcake & her daddy

Just hanging around

Uncle Tim & Natalie

Mother daughter bonding watching the parade

Michele keeping in touch with her family

Lily Jean Jelly Bean

The boys relaxing with popcorn watching the Thanksgiving parade

Ella, Piper,Wyatt, Sami, Jack & Lily. Our six blessings!

Uncle Tim & Ella. She talked his ear off.


Our oldest and youngest

Ella always keeps everyone entertained

Uncle Chuckles & Ella

Ella and her other grandma"BaBa"

They had to set up their fantasy footbal line ups

Piper at 5 weeks

Thanksgiving breakfast

Uncle Tim & Wyatt

and oh ya,I forgot to mention Charlie brought along his dog so add three dogs into the mix.I sure do love my familyand I wouldn't have itany other way.