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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It's been very exciting around here but then when isn't it?
We welcomed Shawn back to Maryland
and Miss Molly Marie to our home during the days while her parents work

                       We even put Shawn to work with Thomas on a new garage door opener.
The house didn't have remote openers so instead of just getting new remotes
 Tom got a whole new opener. It is his way.

Right before Shawn got here though we celebrated Michele's birthday
with the whole family at our house
minus Shawn

I took the opportunity to start the height wall.
We started it in the other house and Charlie and Michele
promise to leave it there
Pops actually attached the wooden measuring stick to the wall
and we had the kids each write their own name
Jack (John Robert) started writing an' a' after his' J' and I stopped him thinking he was being silly but
after I saw the sad face while finishing writing 'Johnny' I realized he wanted to write 'Jack'
We are the only ones who call him that and he likes it that way
I added the 'Jack'
Piper is now officially taller than Lily who is 4 months older
Sami is officially taller than Wyatt who is 6 months younger
Miss Molly Marie has been such a good baby for us.
Her mommy drops her off about 7am
and picks up all three of her girls from us about 5pm
(Jennifer picks up the girls along with her two after school)
                                            Lily and Piper thinks she is the best doll ever

                  Papa likes them better when they get bigger but he is a good cuddler
I just had to throw the frog pictures in for fun.
Jack stuck this in Papa's bag when he went to work to scare him
It has now become his mascot

                                                        She still does a lot of sleeping

            and of course what Grandma's house would it be without a bath in the kitchen sink
My mom with her oldest granddaughter, my niece Erin.
OMG, I think she's turning 40 next year

The big kids come home from school full of energy
This is actually Sami and a neighborhood friend
We gets kids knocking at our door to asking for the kids to come out and play
They don't understand yet who actually lives here
They love using my big tub

Lily is such a help

One od Papa's favorite things to do


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baseball and a Movie

Our first annual Labor Day Ironbirds Picnic
Tom went all out
Got us all seats, a buffet, Ironbirds cups and lunchboxes for everyone
endless games for the kids
even crabs

We waited and waited for the rain to come
Everything was on hold

and waited some more

The kids didn't seem to mind so much though.
They had each other and a lot of space to run
Pops was a little stressed.
He wanted everyone to have a good time.
Sometimes we forget that we don't need things.
Just each other

We finally decided to go ahead with the crabs
and Natalie got them to bring us some hot dogs(since the buffet was on hold too)
and Pops hunted us down some lemon aide

Then the rain came

We never did see any baseball but we had a great time.
Looking forward to the Second Annual Labor Day picnic

We have ALL also been to a couple of movies in the park
They are more than movies
They have tattoos, face painting, games
and snacks

oh and super heroes

and Elsa!!

Even Miss Molly enjoyed it

and dancing

and this week also brought another big change
Natalie went back to work so Miss Molly is spending her days with us
Just like her sister, Sami, did five years ago