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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good Golly Miss Molly Turns SIX Months Old

Our Miss Molly Marie is already 6 months old
She sits by herself
rolls over
has two teeth
feeds herself (and LOVES it)
She is a people person, the more kids around the better
and in our house that means she's usually happy.
She's a wee little girl at only 15 pounds
She still wears  size 3 month clothing

 Papa found this outfit for her all by himself
AND he took her for her photo shoot.
Love that man!

Our new foster daughter is settling right in

Guess Who at 6 months?

Oh my goodness! Life needs to slow down. I can't keep up

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Making Winter Memories

Every Christmas I plan a whole family event. We have seen the Nutcracker and The Orchestra with dancing Santa's. Last year I planned a trip to Hershey Park and the one day we could all be there was a huge snow storm that kept us away. We ended up giving our tickets away to Michele's sister and family. This year I planned another outdoor activity and we got RAINED out. We all got to go but not together. Next year an indoor activity, I'm looking into the ICE display at The Gaylord in DC.
In 1989 we went to Sea World in Ohio for their winter display
See any resemblance?

They won!

Pick your prize

The Reason for the Season



Miss Molly

Daddy and Sami

Lily was too little

Dino Land


Cousins just make it more fun

The Bransons
the Dennisons decided against this one

We missed a couple of our sweeties but they went the next day
 and even took a friend with them

Looks like he had a good time too

Berlin 1992
Winter Memories
Concentration Camp

Berlin Zoo

and in other news, we got a foster placement this week
Miss 'A' is 2 1/2 and will probably be with us awhile
red hair, blue eyes
 she fits right in