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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad News- His heart is fine!

Ok, so I guess that sounds bad. Tom has been feeling like crap lately. He's worn down, in pain & depressed. He's got a laundry list of complaints. He has degenerating joints all over and has had surgery on his knees, wrists and two on his back. He now walks around with a rod & screws where once his lower three discs used to be. His joints continue to degenerate and his GP has been telling him to go back to the neurosurgeon for a year but he refuses and just treats the pain. Hence the crap load of complaints. When the GP found the hernia Tom was excited to think that THAT was the cause of his trouble. Not so! Then they found an irregularity in his EKG which led to a stress test that he passed with flying colors and then to today with a heart cath he had good/bad news . .

He has absolutely NO blockage in his main arteries.
It looks like he'll need to have that back surgery after all.
No one said life was easy! I love you Honey!
Oh ya and by the way here's a sandwich
go ahead and eat it laying flat on your back

PaPa doesn't feel good, give me a hug!

After a boost from Mommy onto PaPa's lap

Wyatt is all ears

I've been telling Ella for two weeks that we would paint the deck & picnic table
The weather finally cooperated

It seemed like a good idea

Still it didn't seem like a BAD idea

Until she was slipping and sliding in the paint
and had it on the side of the house and all over ME

Still, it DOES look kind of nice

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  1. I hope Tom feels better soon! Both my decks need painting, can I borrow you and Ella? :-)