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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pictures from Lily's Baptism, I WISH

Don't you just hate those old people who don't know how to use their own electronics? That's me! I have to say it's more irritating when I do it myself than when I see someone else doing it. My sister, Cookie, flew into town to be Godmother to our little Lily Bean. There was a cook out on Saturday and the ceremony was beautiful on Sunday. Ella spent a lot of time with us and talked Aunt Cookie's ears off. That being said I THOUGHT I dowloaded 200 plus pictures and then deleted them from my camera. I'm not sure what I did wrong but only a couple of pictures Jen took with it in Ohio last week actually downloaded,weird. We do have a nice picture of Great Grandpap & Lily from Ohio but not much else. It's a good picture but . . . Jen got some of the week end so we'll just have to go with THAT for now Here are a couple of pictures from today. I've had the flu all week but Tom had promised to take Jack on Thursdays and he didn't want to back out. He was so sweet he even took Sami with him to pick Jack up so that I could have some time to rest. He took Jack, Sami & Lily to the park, visited Natalie at work with Jack & Sami , then took the two to Wal Mart & McDonald's. What a good PaPa! By the time they got back here it was nap time. We tried to have them nap in the same room but they just kept talking to each other, who would have thought.


Jen brought these puzzles back to us for Sami to use since Jack has outgrown them but he got excited to see them again so we decide he could do them ALL AT ONCE, what a smart boy! I love being a grandma.

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  1. HI!!
    I sure hope this finds you feeling much better, and YES what a Great papa!!
    Such a cute pic of the new granddaughter, sorry about the camera ordeal!!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    hugs 2 U,