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Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Busy to Blog

I haven't blogged because there's nothing going on.

I haven't blogged because there's so much going on. The week started with a romantic trip to the beach for our 33rd wedding anniversary. The hotel was right on the beach and was just gorgeous. This was the view from our balcony, so many umbrellas you can't see the sand.We didn't tell anyone exactly where we were going but Thomas and Natalie found us anyway and had this wonderful tray delivered to our room. They even left us some beer and wine in the car when we went to get in it in the morning. We are so lucky! Jennifer and Shawn gave us a double recordable picture frame with the kids pictures and Lily's giggles and Jack's voice, So touching. I feel like I'm just bragging now but I feel so lucky sometimes.Got a kick out of this boat advertising on the beach.
I got a new camera as an anniversary gift.
The view was breathtaking.Yes, he even wears his sneakers on the beach.
The waves hit them at one point but he still didn't take them off.
We came home to a couple of sleep overs, trips to the pool and a movie with the grandkids.You can't catch me!Look Grams Minnie Mouse on my feet.Tom's pride and joy. Lunch and a movie. SMURFS! Ella even wore Smurf blue and they got Smurfs in their Happy Meals..Natalie was in DC for a couple of days on a business trip so Ella and I created our own masterpiece, banana cake with walnuts, butterscotch chips, vanilla icing and SIX kinds of sprinkles.Everyone loves sharing Papa's chair. I remember my Dad had a special chair too, what good grandpa doesn't?Papa took Sami & Ella to visit Jack and Lily (Aunt Nenni too)Tom started his job as an usher at the Ironbirds stadium http://aberdeen.ironbirds.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t488. It is such a good fit for him. They described it as getting paid to watch the game. Although I think between the food and gift shop he spends more than he makes.Ella and I went to one game to visit him and Jack went with his Daddy once too.
These two are the best of friends (except when one of them has something the other one wants)
Lily is looking more and more like her mommy every day!

No pictures of Wyatt and Piper this week. Charlie usually sends me a couple every week but they've been on vacation. I'm patiently waiting HINT HINT.

I hope I'll do better at finding more time to blog next week but I don't think so.

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  1. HI!!
    So glad you 2 got away!!How fun!!!
    but if I know you, you would have been just as happy with a room full!!!
    I agree, so busy......doing.....oh my don't get me started, my to do list just keeps growing, and I feel a bit overwhelmed, like I just want to not do anything.....so It doesn't get done...to hot!!!