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Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25th- 35 years and Counting

On September 25th 1976 Tom and I were formally introduced by a mutual friend. She served us Chef Boyardee pizza (burnt). The rest as they say is history. Every year on September 25th we celebrate with a pizza. In the years to come we added beer, our favorite as teen agers was Genesee Cream Ale. Beer was legal back then for 18 year olds as long as it was only 3.2% alcohol or less. Not that we were 18 but . . . We did actually go out to dinner also. Our neighbor had given Tom $100 gift certificate for helping him in his yard.
This year I came across Tom's "letter" and made him a blanket in our HS colors and added the letter along with his name and number. He changed his number to 52 that year (he couldn't wear 25 as a guard).

Here's to another 35 years with my best friend

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