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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Foster Son

I've been having a hard time blogging or honestly doing anything lately. I'm just dragging and I've been told it shows on the blog. We're all just a bit tired around here.

Papa so tired

Lily not so tired. "Lily, where are your pants?" "I pee!"
This makes ME tired

 We go on with our daily routines. Kids, kids and more kids but no babies. I'm missing having a baby around but these kids keep us all hopping.
John Robert
 We've been learning how to deal with Jack's ADHD but it looks like Lily is going to need some help too. Those two have SO much energy
sticker pictures to send to Daddy

 I think it took us longer to clean up the stickers, markers, crayons scissors and paper than it t took for them to make their pictures. I;m sure Shawn will love them.
Ariel with Cinderella's wand
 This week Thomas and Natalie told their kids that they would be going to DisneyWorld for Christmas! Sami is in princess mode more than ever now,

Relaxing in the girls room

Jennifer and the boys decorated these brownies

Yummy brownies?

They have to share the table with my sewing machine and Halloween costume projects

They at least enjoyed the icing

 Then we got a call from our case worker and I thought she had a baby for us but she had a bigger surprise. A situation that she thought we would be able to handle.
 A little boy four months younger than our Jack, diabetic and insulin dependent for over two years. He was being checked in the hospital with uncontrolled numbers (45 minutes away) where we would need to stay for two days to learn how to measure and treat his insulin. It ended up turning into four days and overlapped Jennifer's Retreat week end. It took a lot of organizing and readjusting but that's something I have gotten pretty good at with Thomas and Natalie's help. Our grown up kids stepped in and helped make it all happen.

Poor Brutus just doesn't the attention he deserves

Loving all the "new" toys

 Just realized I rarely take pictures of the Family Room where all the toys are kept.
It's Jennifer's domain.

Jennifer is due back from her Religious Retreat this evening.
 I know she has missed this smiling face.
I hope she's refreshed and ready to deal with this crazy journey.

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