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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Piper is TWO and the Pumpkin Patch

No party was planned for our youngest Sweetie's second birthday but they were here two days before her birthday for a visit to the pumpkin patch and with a group as large as ours is right now it's always a party.

Alright so maybe we added some decorations, favors, pizza and a cake. She's only two once.
and her daddy requested we all wear our Cleveland Browns clothes to match the Birthday Girl's cheerleader outfit.

Jennifer made these great low sugar desserts instead of cake.
The kids all tore into them, they looked so good but after two bites they lost interest.
We couldn't let our sweetie have a cake less birthday

A good thing though, our little guy who was the reason for trying to go sugarless LOVED the special dessert.

of course we had presents

She had to get socks and underwear. Our kids always got socks and underwear. It started as a joke and got to be a tradition

Jennifer made this great crayon roll up along with a sweatsuit to wear over her gymnastics outfit for the classes that Pops and I got her.
They all enjoyed playing with Piper's new baby dino. She love dinos, her brother does NOT
Then we were off to the pumpkin patch

The birthday girl loves to swing

Our new sweetie had a great time. The family was so great in rearranging their schedules to go on this outing in between his eating and insulin injection times.


They had great paved area with ride on toys

Ella fighting Mitochondrial
Ella worked so hard on pedaling. I was so proud of her for not quitting and at the same time brought tears to my eyes to see her struggle on something most kids don't even give a second thought.

Waiting for a turn on the bikes. Our little guy is four months older than Wyatt. He kept his party hat on the whole time and didn't take it off until we were leaving and he was sure the party was over.

Piper made me feel so good, she kept running over to me to be my hand holding partner and wanted to sit on my lap for the wagon ride.
Lily Jean

Sami loves her mommy but what I like is the genuine love in her eyes while talking to her foster sons.

Everyone wanted to hold Chuckles hands in the makeshift pumpkin patch. Even our little man who just met him. He was amazed about how big he was. He is so trusting and loving

Thomas and Natalie
Jack and his pumpkin

Wyatt and his pumpkin

Look it's broken

The birthday princess and her daddy

The maze, which way do I go?

Then we went into the barn where they had some displays

and face painting

Then time for a group picture. We ran into one of Ella's Friend and she jumped in the picture too

They have several train displays that are always a great hit.

Jen and her kids

Then there were the animals

Four months separate these cousins too

We had a great time!
Monday was actually Piper's birthday so Tom and I took the hour and a half drive up to have dinner with them at Cracker Barrel where Michele works.
More presents
Look Mommy!

This was our first trip out to a restaurant and we did pretty good.
They all loved that cash register

The birthday girl

Then we flew paper airplanes

and played tag

Then we went shopping in their gift shop

and then they ran around the rocking chairs outside before we got back in the car for the hour and a half trip home. I told Michele they were going to be talking about us as the people with "those" kind of kids. We all had a great time.
Happy Birthday Piper.
We love you and we are glad we got to spend your day with you.

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