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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week of School

We all made it through the first week of school
Ella is in 4th grade now
Sami is in Kindergarten all day
We have been taking care of her for her parents since she was 2 months old

This year is different too because we no longer live across the street from the girls
No more helping them get ready in the morning

This one lives with us now though

Our big first grader that Mommy is having some trouble letting go of
 since she home schooled him last year

I think he'll do just fine

Jen and Charlie 1st day
Kindergarten and 4th grade
Just like Sami and Ella
Jennifer 1st grade 1st day
Just like Jack

The school has a theme for the year MISSION POSSIBLE
So of course Mommy had to make him a special outfit

Since Natalie is still home with Miss Molly
she has been able to spend this time with the girls

So grateful that Natalie brought the girls over before school
so we could share all the excitement
That's a K for Kindergarten

Lily felt left out
Her delayed entry was the next day

All three are going to the same school and Lily will be joining them
Thomas also teaches at the same school
Why don't I have pictures of him?

Bunny Ears
They love each other so much
Hard to tell they are 3 grades apart

Meanwhile Miss Molly just hung out

Wyatt started Kindergarten too
Michele brought him over too
Even though they don't go to the same school
Jennifer made them each a new school outfit for their first day.
The first day for them was an orientation, moms included

We went to the bus stop and Lily made friends
Duck Duck Goose

After waiting an hour the bus finally showed up

 The next day Lily had her orientation day with Mommy
We wen to Waffle House with Piper and her parents first

The next day was her actual first day and Mommy had to leave her
She also had a new Mommy made outfit

Lily only goes in the afternoon so she still gets play time with Piper
Piper is only 4 months younger than Lily but will be a year behind in school

This was the first full day for Wyatt
He's doing GREAT!

and the second day for Jack

Jennifer made this beach theme curtain for Jack's teacher
I am missing our Nik from last year.
Hope he is happy and healthy

Bus is still running late but the kids don't seem to mind

Here's to another successful year!

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