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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trying to Catch Up

Obviously I am still having trouble focusing on this blog.  If you think I am getting ready to pour my heart out. . . umm I don't think so. That's just not me. I will say I have been doing a lot of soul searching.
Again I have been wondering if I am doing enough to make the world a better place or maybe in loo of that  should we be traveling the world or at the very least make new friends or go out more. I'm not feeling the whole traveling thing though, we did all that when Tom wasn't in so much pain and there really isn't any place I feel the need to go (we ARE planning a trip to Arizona in March to see the Indians in Spring Training)
 Foster parenting was fulfilling but we haven't been needed since we moved. Although I  do look back and wonder if we even made a difference in those children's lives. Then I got a call from our case worker. No, we don't have a new placement. She was just calling to check in on us. We chit chatted for a while and I was thinking how SHE is making a difference. She mentioned how she hoped she would be able to be in her grandchildren to be lives like we are in ours. I figured she was being polite so I just said that's nice.
She said "No, really!". Yes, I am blessed. Our whole family is blessed to have each other.
We got Miss Molly this red convertible.
Thinking about my dad who bought Jennifer HER first red convertible
granted it was a 7inch toy

Christmas Eve we had the kids and grands and a few friends over

Miss Molly was edging 6 months so her parents gave her her first real food
That's when they realized she got her first tooth!
A big day for Miss Molly Marie


That is me with a granddaughter almost as big as me!

Aunt Nenni Made Miss P a cupcake apron

Those two always have a story to tell


Singing carols
how my mom would have loved this!

When everyone left it was time to get ready for Santa
for our Branson Sweeties

Lily was worried that we didn't have any 'real' cookies
(sugar or chocolate chip)

Throwing out reindeer sprinkles
to show Santa the way.

Santa left the stockings upstairs by the Branson tree

I woke up first (or I thought I did). When I tip toed upstairs and peeked in Jack's room he was sitting up with the blanket over his head and didn't want to come out because "Santa won't come if I see him". He didn't even realize he went to sleep.
We had Santa over stuff the stockings when his mother was his age and we couldn't get her to let the rest of us sleep. Stockings became fare game and the kids spent hours playing with their stocking stash. Jennifer was always the first one up though. Unike her daughter who we couldn't wake up.

We are very blessed to share these times
After presents we met Charlie and family at church and then went back to their house to check out their stash. Of course then we needed to go to see our redheads. Santa was very generous

I got tickets to see Frozen on Ice with some of my sweeties for Christmas.
We didn't go until January but since I already uploaded the pictures here they stay.
The show wasn't all that great but the company made the day great!

$12 snow cones with $4 spoons (Olaf spoons)

and a $30 glowing wand


Oh and a $20 program

And a $5 lollipop

The year came to an end and Thomas and Natalie hosted all of us
 to celebrate the start of 1015

Sauerkraut and pork for a lucky new year

With the New Year brings Papa's January 1st birthday
I got him this special candle and was pretty excited about it but after reading all the warnings on the package we were all a bit worried. Didn't want to set off the sprinklers in the house which is what the package warned. It brought asmile to hisface so it was well worth it.

He was so happy to be the center of attention.
We all love our Papa



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