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Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Couple More Birthday Parties

We ended May (yes I said MAY) with a big party for the princesses that live together. Their birthdays are two weeks apart, Lily turned 5 Miss A 3. Since one is blond and the other a redhead how could we not do a Frozen party with 20 of their closest friends.
With so many kids we did stations with 4 or 5 kids at each station and then we would rotate. it didn't go without a hitch but a good time was had by all and no one cried.
We asked family members and a couple of friends to run the stations. Here they are playing a dancing game where they had to dance until the music stopped and then stand on a character on the floor. Then the adult would give a prize to the character they pulled out of the bowl. of course they were all winners.

This station is where they built a marshmallow Olaf. Also had a chocolate fountain (under the tv)

We had the sand table set up with half beach and half snow. Jen made the snow with baking soada and hair conditioner. The kids loved it but it was pretty much mixed together by the time the second set of kids got through.

We bought this a few years back for Lily's first birthday I think and have definitely gotten our use out of it.

Uncle Shawn, Daddy, was in charge of the build an Olaf station

Uncle Tommy started in charge of the musical game but he passed it off to a mom who then passed it off to another mom. They all had a great time.

Then there was the snack table and trail mix station
Someone ate off Olaf's face.

They traded babies

Mr. Jim works with her  every week at church and she is finally talking to him

Snow Bro

Lily has a bottle of melted snow

Eating theirTrail Mix

Lily's teacher showed up with her one year old son

They were suppose to wear those aprons. oh well

Everyone got an Olaf nose lollipop


and yes, Jennifer made their head pieces

We told people no presents but . . .
A package from Aunt Cookie in Ohio
She sent cookies and a t-shirt that says "One smart cookie"

She sends her one every year. They were her daughter, Christine's

Then there was Lily's actual birthday so we had to celebrate again.
A cupcake pop tart for Mommy's little cupcake

at school

Special dinner. Cupcake shaped meatloaf and mashed potatoes
 and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Uncle Chuckles birthday is 2 days after hers so they share.
He has sugar free chocolate whipped cream made by his loving sister

Then there was a pool party for Sami.
This is our housing areas's  outdoor pool.

Lily Bean

The Birthday Girl

These two have shared couple of parties.
They have know each other all their lives.
They were born 8 hours apart and were in the hospital at the same time

Jack fell on Isabelle's cupcake cake.
It was funny to everyone but his mother

 Oh yay and then there was Father's Day
We met for brunch and then Tom wanted to go to 'work' at the baseball park.
The other dad's then went their ways to spend with THEIR children

I know I have said it before but
we are truly blessed

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