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Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh my Goodness, I have been been having such a hard time finding the time and energy to post! I Did Not just spend the whole day sitting on the couch with my computer, the tree downstairs needing the last of the ornaments hung. NOT ME I Do Not Let Ella pick out Sami's clothes in the morning, even when it means pink tights, pink capris and pink slippers with a T-shirt. NOT ME
I Did Not complain so much about missing my grandson that Charlie now sends me multiple pictures of him from his phone every day. NOT ME

I Did Not let Jack have the whole box of Cheerios to snack on
to have him feed them to the dogs. NOT ME

I Did Not spend $17 on a dinner for Ella
just because she wanted "pink steak" NOT ME

I Did Not spend the entire week working on Sami's sitting skills just to make sure she could sit for her six month pictures at the end of the month. NOT ME

I Did Not just add this picture because she is so darn cute! NOT ME

1 comment:

  1. HI!!
    I love your NOT me posts!!!! They crack me up!!!! Cause I know I do some of those things!!!!!haha
    I love that you took Ella for Pink steak, how funny she calls it that!!!!!
    Practicing sitting up was me helping Camdyn walk by 1 but it didn't happen, it took her 2 more weeks!!!!So good job on that tone!!!!!I love the Pj's!!! so festive!!!!!
    Our son is going to Michigan with his girlfriend for Christmas, so we will be having another before Christmas Christmas day this Sunday!!!! I'm kinda sad he is going, but I understand. I just hope she never drags him off to Detroit to live!!!! I will not be very happy with her if she does!!!!haha
    I do really like her though!!!!!I hope if they get married some day, she still likes me!!!!! I know that old saying about sons!!!!!