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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sleep Over with John Robert

We spent a long week end with Wyatt so we needed a little "catch up" time with our Jack so his parents let him spend the night. When Mommy dropped him off he happily waved to her and said "bye bye Mamma see you tomorrow". Of course I had to stick my head out the door to make sure his mamma heard.
What meal with Grams & Pops isn't complete without ice cream for dessert. "PaPa" made spaghetti ( he had three helpings! Tom was worried he would throw a fit when he cut him off but he just smiled and got down) He had to wash his hands after his fudgsicle so we thought it would be great to splash the water at Pops but look at MY shirt.
PILLOW FIGHT!We weren't planning on giving him a bath since he's had some ugly dry skin this winter but we had a slight accident with Grams' beer. I was watching him as he picked up my glass right next to me but I still couldn't stop him. Maybe I even caused him to dump it down his front with my loud "STOP!"We do have plenty of toys for them to play with but they all seem to like my two sets of matryoshka dolls that I got in Russia in 1993 I looked on E-bay to get the kids each their own set and can get the Russian leaders for ten bucks! I thought I had a "collectible" Oh Well.Look at the big boy walking down the steps by himself to throw away his diaper. Jen is starting to potty train him and I really do think he's ready. Mommy says he sleeps from 7:30 to 7:30 but we didn't put him to bed until 8:45 and he was up at 6:30. The plan was to go to the Waffle House for breakfast but Grams & Pops weren't quite ready that early so he had some fruit to tide him over. Then he and I played until 8 when HE insisted on getting "PaPa" out of bed too.

Believe it or not he did a pretty good job picking up his food with two spoons. Mommy said he was tired of eggs but he enjoyed sharing "PaPa's"

He wouldn't tell us what he wanted to drink so we got him chocolate milk. Who doesn't like chocolate milk? Jack didn't, this day anyway. He preferred PaPa's orange juice. I think it wouldn't have mattered what it was as long as it was PaPa's. I used the chocolate milk in my coffee and it was surprisingly good.

Then we went to play with Ella (Ella was his first word by the way). Uncle Tommy & Ella took him to meet his Mommy at the library and WE rested.


  1. HI!!!!
    First off, I LOVE the stripes in your living room!!!! I want to do something like that in my son's room, only I was thinking doing stripes, horizontal???? How tough was that to do????? I may change my mind!!!!! I wanted to do 3 colors as well. Love the water splashing and the pillow fight!!!! Yippee!!!!!
    Ok, I have 1 set of those Russian dolls, go them in a town in Alaska, I call them Babuska dolls, I think I am wrong!!!! I am glad to see that you fixed me up on the name of them, mine are Santa Claus's!!!!!!Camdyn loves them too!!!!!
    Love the sleep over and out to Breakfast trip!!!
    Are Grandparents the best or what!!!!!
    Have a fun week

  2. HI!!!
    I went back and looked at the Bathroom, YES that is exactly what I want for my son's room!!!!
    Only I do not know if I could ever do that!!!! Did you do it??? Or hired it done????
    I love that!!! I would do maybe a wide strip and a smaller one, do you think I could do it??? So I assume I take out the level and make my lines, and then tape it off, and boom start painting!!!!!
    I am glad you said peel the tape while still a little damp, I always wondered about that!!!!
    Ok, I just may give it a try!!!! You have inspired me!!!!!

  3. HI!!!!!
    I wanted to tell you about a blogger luncheon Marydon is having in the Maryland /Baltimore area!!!!! My good friend Sherry at Country wings in Phoenix is going there for a week to visit her and meet her face to face, isn't blogging so special!!!!!
    I will get you their exact blogsites names....
    hold on.......
    Marydon is---blushingrosetoo.blogspot.com
    Sherry is----countrywingsinphoenix.blogspot.com
    They would be so Happy to meet you and other Maryland area bloggers, it is so much fun!!!!!
    Now you ask --my bucket list, I am lucky to have crossed alot of it off, but still on there is.....
    helicopter ride
    run a 1/2 marathon, I'd settle for a 10K
    hike down the grand canyon
    learn how to swim--no I don't know how, I almost drown as a child and never learned.
    be a contestant on a game show or I'd settle on being an audience member on a game show!!!!
    take a gondola ride in Venice
    See the Neuschwantein Castle in Germany
    take a photography class
    write poetry to my family
    get a puppy
    see my Granddaughter get Married
    OK--you get the idea, some will maybe be accomplished others may not, but at least I have goals to work toward!!!!
    Have a great day