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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day at the Beach

Jennifer at 37 weeks.
A beautiful mother on a beautiful beach.
Happy Mother's Day!It only took us two hours to get to the beach Friday so some of us took a quick trip to the beach. This is a path (beautiful in itself) that took us to the water.Not sure what we were thinking taking the stroller but our soldier with two tours in the sand just slung the baby, stroller and all on his back, no problem.The wind was a bit strong.The kids didn't mind the wind.

Tom doesn't like the water but he's never far behind and usually with a grandkid.Shawn loves the water as does his son but it took alot to keep up with the big boy.Ella's happiness and excitement was contagious. It even got Aunt Nenni running around.Back at the house, Proud PaPa with his two little red heads.

Then our first meal was cooking out hot dogs.Meals together! It never gets old!On Sunday we went to the boardwalk.We all wince when we see Tom pick up one of the kids let alone lift one up on his shoulders but life won't stop for pain so he just goes on.This was how we had lunch on the boardwalk. Nothing like "fair food".Big girls want to be held by their Mommy's sometime too.The boys holding hands. They really like each other. I can't wait to see then grow as friends.At the end of the boardwalk were rides for the kids. I can't wait to share some of these pictures when we do their HS graduation photo collage. It'll be here before we know it. Shawn won a few games with Jack too.
They even got a kick out of watching each other ride.
Our big girl couldn't get enough!!
This was way faster than the picture shows. We wouldn't let Wyatt go but Jack loved it!Look at these cousins. This is all the present I will ever need.
Poor Tom, I just keep him going and then he passes out.With PaPa sleeping on the couch Ella kept on going and we just played game after game.

My birthday is May 10th. I was born on Mother's Day. Tom has always made sure that I get a fair deal though and created what the kids started calling the "worship Mom week end" I don't need or want gifts anymore (of course they don't listen, Thanks for the gifts too!) The best gift is us all being together. I couldn't be happier.


  1. Love the pics! The basketball shot brings back memories of Germany!

  2. Absolutely priceless! You have such a loving family and it really shows in the faces of the grandchildren. What a blessing! You and Tom have much to be proud of and the way your family loves you both is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this special time.

  3. HI Kathy!!!
    oh gosh where do I start!!!!
    I love seeing your beautiful family having so much fin together!!!!!Your Military son is a Saint in my eyes!!!thanks to all the veterans and your family is one I admire!!!!
    Isn't the beach cold still????You are in maryland???isn't it freezing????I guess not like the Pacific!!!The gulf is warmest to me!!!The Atlantic side is not bad!!!!
    I loved seeing all the fun pics and all the smiles, it makes my heart sing to see a big happy family all getting along and having a great time. Poppy is so in love with all his Grands he will never let pain stop him for playing and loving on his babies!!!!
    Oh gosh lucky you a another new baby!!!!
    I want lots of them!!!!
    Happy day to you!!!!