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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Visit Camping with Wyatt

We started our week end early Friday taking our time driving to Ohio and then spending the evening with my brothers and their wifes relaxing outside with some grilled sandwiches and beer. I guess I should have taken some pictures but they all think I'm just a little out there for even having a blog. Twenty years from now they'll wish they had one to look back on too LOL I don't know if it's really camping when you're in a cabin (trailer with fake logs on the outside) but we did rough it with no tv or internet access.
Michele wanted me to take this picture of Wyatt in the "picinic" basket because she has one of her at another Jellystone Park as a toddler standing in it.

Charlie had to work Saturday so we picked Wyatt up and gave Michele a free afternoon. After breakfast at Waffle House we went over to the Akron Zoo. It was a great day for being outside.
Up close and personal with the penguins.

This was a small zoo and there were very few people and we really got close to the animals that were out.
He loved feeding the goats. Mommy & Daddy thought he might be scared.

PaPa tried carrying him on his shoulders for a while but even his little 23 pound, 16 month old body was heavy after a short while.

I carried him for a while too, He couldn't see much from the stroller.

A small deer came right up to him in the stroller but then these little girls pushed their way in.
I wish you could see the bats in here, very cool.

On the way out he got a jungle hat.

Then we went to the mall to have a late lunch and walk around a little. He realized that if he banged his cup on the table he could get milk to spray out of the top and he thought it was HYSTERICAL.

Then he had to ride the carousel. He was a little hesitant but started giggling when it started and of course PaPa was there to make sure everything was ok.

When Mommy said good bye for the day she told Wyatt to make sure we bought him a cookie as big as his head, we got him THREE.
of course it had to have chocolate in it

Then we met Mommy & Daddy at the campground. He loves taking off PaPa's hat. Not sure what makes him laugh so much but I do love to hear that giggle.

Then the men went out to hunt and gather our food and did an excellent job but forgot plates, forks and CUPS for my Zinfandel. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

He DID have some cheese and fruit to go along with those goldfish. He loves cheese, my mom used to call my kids "cheese monsters" because we went through so much when we would visit.
Uncle Tim (Tom's brother) stopped by for a quick visit and a delivery of paper plates, cups and forks. Wyatt thought he was funny too. He would rub Uncle Tim's bald head and then touch his own hair and laugh. Tom loved it because he is the older brother and still has all his hair.

Tired boy, look at those eyes!

He fell asleep in the bottom bunk before 8 O'clock and stayed there all night (except for that little episode at 4:30 when he fell out)

Tom did a great job getting the fire started. I LOVE a fire.

We were supposse to have storms all week end but besides a couple of sprinkles and some over night rain it was beautiful.

He is so easy going. His mom put him in this chair and he just sat there.

Sunday morning we met Tom's dad & stepmother at church and then we went to breakfast. He remembered what that cup did yesterday so he started laughing all over again.

Daddy making him give Mommy a kiss. Looks like Great Grandma thinks it's pretty funny too. They have been a great support for Charlie and Michele.

Proud Great Grandpap

Then we went to see their new house and Wyatt had to get a nap in on the way.

Michele 14 weeks pregnant. Isn't she cute!
Thanks for letting us steal your little man for awhile!

Our Little Laughing Man


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I never would have thought to go camping at Jellystone. I LOVE the laughter! There is something about a baby/toddler laugh that just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Kathy!!!
    what a great time you must have had!!!I love camping and camping in a cabin is even better!!!!I have had to drink out of a bottle before, I rarely drink, and then to get caught drinking out of the bottle, it was funny!!!SO I loved that one!!!!
    Wyatt is so cute, he could be my little princess boyfiend!!!only she is odler then he!!!!
    Love that giant basket and yogi Bear!!!
    How fun!!!!
    Great times for a wonderful family
    Happy Mother's DAY!!!!