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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Week with Only FIVE Grandchildren

Tom has been feeling good lately. He says he has times when he has NO pain. He's still on some narcotics with a patch and pills and eventually the doctor would like to replace them with Tylenol because even if the fusion is complete he still has nerve damage with pain. Everything seems promising at this point. He has noticed a bigger lack of mobility which is a good thing. He's also done some driving this week. He even took Ella to a movie and Wal Mart and brought me this CD, which I LOVE. I'm not quite sure why. Some of it is because I remember my dad singing along with these songs thinking he sounded so great and he kinda was. He still spends a lot of his time in his chair but not nearly as much and sometimes like when Sami was a bit fussy, with a purpose

Today I was getting her some yogurt for a snack and she found the empty peanut butter jar and wouldn't let me throw it away so I let her have both. Good thing I gave her a spoon to hold in her hand while she ate with her hand.

I think Brutus knows we are getting ready to go somewhere with the suitcase out. He looks a little down.

Natalie will be going on a religious retreat this week end and will not be able to be in contact so we decided to make Mommy a little picture with Sami's hand print and some coloring. I think she enjoyed washing her hands afterward as much as she did painting.

Yesterday I touched up my roots and today I got my nails done because on Friday we will be meeting our newest grandchild. I am packing my vanilla body spray so that when I meet her she'll know my scent from the start. I have been using vanilla for years and I don't even notice the smell any more but I'll get a comment from the kids or grand kids every now and then about my smelling like cookies and I kinda like it.

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