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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain, Rain and More Rain

We've had a lot of rain lately but when it rained almost 15 inches in one day the schools were even closed so Ella got to spend an extra day with us. We were all excited and were working on making cupcakes to make PaPa feel better when Ella had drops hitting her in the head while in the kitchen and looks up and saw the ceiling leaking and said "Grams, it's serious!". With Tom only being 2 weeks post op I tried not to panic but it freaked me out a bit too because it was on our MIDDLE floor so it couldn't be the roof so I was running around looking for the shut off valve figuring it had to be the plumbing. Tom heard the commotion and brought a couple of towels down and said not to worry about the valve because even though there is a floor in between the roof and the kitchen. So we gathered up some buckets and towels and tried to keep Sami out of the kitchen. In case you were wondering the cupcakes were a bit brown but not burnt enough that we couldn't decorate them.

Like our hospital buckets? We have a collection. We ended up getting about a bucket and a half over the next couple of days, now we need to get it fixed I guess.

How do you keep a little girl out of playing in the dripping kitchen? Take her out to play in the rain of course!

I love the rain and especially playing in it when it's warm outside with no lightning. Our kids used to love it too, good memories.

This was yesterday. Her newest thing is wearing my shoes and refusing to nap.

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  1. HI!!!
    RAIN in the valley of the SUN!!!SO MUCH so, that lots of our friends scattered all across the valley suffered terrible losses, dents in cars from golf ball size HAIL...YES I said HAIL!!!not out here where we are, but some parts of the valley got major flooding!!
    But NOT 15 inches!!!
    where does all that amount of water go???
    SO SORRY about your roof, that is awful.Glad your little ones had so much fun playing in the rain!!
    They looked adorable all wet!!!