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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Week in the Life

I just got done dowloading the pictures from this week and was trying to think of some clever way to combine them into one entertaining topic . . . hmmm ahhhh . . . . maybe it will come to me later. Meanwhile In my last post I mentioned this shelf and how the kids love to push things off of it and down the steps and guess who the newest one was to figure it out, our Lily Bean.


Jack had Observation Day at gymnastics

These pictures make it look like he can actually do all this stuff.

In reality none of those kids was doing anything that "teacher" wanted them to do.LOL

He stopped to watch. They cracked me up!

Sure do love that boy!

Sami loves her Jack too. She's the only one other than Tom and I that calls him Jack.

Everyone else uses Johnny or John Robert.

The girls were with us for dinner one night (or was it two?)Papa even let them eat upstairs once.

of course it had to be "pink steak"

Ginger (Thomas's dog) came for a visit too

A tea party was in order one afternoon

There's my parent's precious blanket from my last post too..(cringe)

It was even nice enough to go outside.

So glad we downsized

our yard especially!

Peanut butter & strawberries were a perfect snack

and some craft time

on the windows too

That's Thomas coming up the walk so I guess, time to go

The common thread is so obvious isn't it!

I love being a grandma.


  1. Little cherubs! I bet the house seems quite when they have gone home! Your grandbabies are adorable and obviously love their time with you! Lovely post! Have a great week. xxx

  2. HI KATHY!!
    I CAN SURE TELL YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Grandma!!It shows all the way through!!And what kid would not want to come to grandma's house, it is soooo fun!!!Look at the fun they are having!!!Lily Bean is standing already????Say it isn't so!!Yes, my grand daughter is getting big, but I hope never to big for me to carry!!!I knwo that will happen sooner then later, or she will Not want to be carried anymore, one or the other will happen, AM I going to cry???Oh you bet cha!!!
    Have a fun week
    I loved that quote you wrote, never let them see you cry!!!