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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do not Judge Me for Enjoying Farmville

After two years, I have ended my addiction to Farmville. To those that don't know Farmville (FV)it is a game on Facebook (FB) with more than 30 MILLION players. I was a FV snob for awhile while my children and even my SIL played. I just laughed. Then I thought why not and I was hooked. I was up until 10pm and back up at 6am planting and harvesting crops. There were barns,orchards, greenhouses and stables to collect building materials for and then animals and trees to fill them up. I bought Tom & I a mansion, a farmhouse for Thomas & Natalie, a pink cottage for Jen & Shawn and per Michele's request a log cabin & horses for her and Charlie. Most things cost FV cash that you earned or could buy with real money(I never used real money) and XP's gained to level up. That just touches the surface of the game. My family started loosing interest and I started leveling up on them and one by one they stopped playing. It wasn't as much fun any more. When I got to the highest level (70) I was relieved and stopped playing for awhile, then they upped the max level so I started playing again. I connected with some people from High School that also played so I started playing again. I found that it really relaxed me but lately it just doesn't keep my interest and Tom never did like me playing, he couldn't understand my interest. Now I have real life projects that I'm working on. I wonder how long this phenomenon will last and what the kids will think about it when they look back at my blog in years to come. Can't wait to find out. When I first started my farm Ella was with us during the day and I didn't want her messing up my farm so she started one of her own with a pink house, pink barn and pink fences. The animals walk around and makes sounds and they even have dogs you can teach tricks.
At Christmas we had Christmas trees and could send each other presents. This was Ella's avatar visiting my farm. It was always fun to see how many presents you could get and it was a surprise what was inside and you couldn't open them until Christmas Eve. I remember Michele getting downright giddy about getting a sleigh and reindeer in her presents and when Jen was pregnant with her little cupcake they had cupcakes you could grow, which made her happy.

This was Charlie's farm when I was trying to keep his farm, my farm, Jen's farm & Ella's farm all going. In case you can't tell, all the crops are dead :(. If you don't get back to harvest them on time they wither and you don't get FV cash or XP's for them. Even worrying about that though was more relaxing than real life LOL

This is what my homestead looks like now.

It's not the real world but that's ok, the real world is pretty good too.

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