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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Typiical Week

Another week gone. Most days I feel good about the way I have chosen to live my life, day by day dedicated to enjoy my family. Last week included a sleep over with Jack & Lily and another one with Sami and her cousin, Skyler, and to top it off Ella turned SEVEN this week.
Now that summer is here and Thomas doesn't need to go to school every day our days are a little different. We still have Sami in the morning so he can spend some time with Ella, usually at the pool. We try to get a walk in before the weather gets too hot and Sami usually falls asleep for at least a few minutes. We usually end our walk at the playground. Ella still likes to spend time with us so we trade the girls off and Ella has lunch with us and we spend some extra time with her alone.
LILYThe start of the sleepover birthday party, we know when to leave 'em and we left very soon after it started.Two new teeth on top!and yes she does occasionally cryI love a kitchen full of kids.
Jack loves to make a fort. SkylerThey just make me smile.We are getting ready for another trip to Ohio tomorrow. This one, we'll be camping.
Stay tuned.

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