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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Piper Turns One

She celebrated her actual birthday with her other grandparents and cousins. Michele's family is not much into sharing holidays so Wyatt and Piper get TWO birthday parties a year.Our Princess "P" moved to Maryland just in time for us to celebrate her first birthday. Last minute plans were made and no one was available but with 5 cousins in the Dennison clan there was no shortage of fun. We got her a rocking chair like we have gotten all the other kids and my Nanny got for me which the kids still use.Jack wanted to get in that capsule so bad! We tried a couple of times to get some group shots but these kids were WOUND!Lily loves PiperJennifer aka Aunt Nenni made this little banner for her to use every year. She is so crafty and sentimental.Big brother hugsPaPa holding two sweeties. . .Wyatt & LilyNatalie and her two redheads all in piggy tails.SamiJack stompin the dinosaursJackJack and big cousin Ella riding the roller coaster. Hard to believe she is 7 and he is only 3. I think he'll out grow her soon.Big brother, WyattThomas likes to push the button on arrival time.Sami & Lily"What do you have in your purse, Ella?"The birthday girl's family.SamiGreat conversationsThomas even looked up from his phone.Papa dancing with Sami. I could never get him to dance with me.Lily loves to eatMore great conversation. Shawn was on a roll.Chuck E came to sing and dance with the birthday girl and they all LOVED it (he CAN be scary).Uncle Tommy & WyattMaybe some of us grown ups enjoyed Chuck E more than the kids.Aunt Nenni made her a huge cupcake, just for her.Sami sang to her!

High Fivesand hugs

"all done"Give PaPa a tasteI guess she's not quite all done.Two kids can go in the capsule and grab tickets. Since Piper was too little her big brother and biggest cousin went in. We're gonna have to have a party there for Jack so he can do it. Ella took the directions very seriouslyPiper did enjoy watching the blowing tickets.Then we tried another group shotThis huge balloon was a big hit.Look Daddy

Break time, Papa HAD to get them french fries.Lily having a little pizza with her cake.Like I say she loves to eat. LOLPRESENTS!"On the Day That You Were Born"

We got her a copy of this book when she was born too but this one I added a picture of us on the day she was born.Wyatt loves to drink as much as Lily likes to eat.Aunt Nenni knit her a dress.Liy adores her Aunt Natalie

Ella made her a cardThey didn't seem to care I was taking pictures.

They just walked right in front of me.Jack is a drink lover tooGift certificate for Portrait Inovations. Love that place.I'm sure Thomas was saying something inappropriate LOLThe boys loved that balloon

"Thank You Everyone, it was the greatest birthday I have ever had"

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