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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rest of the Story

TOGETHERNESSNo snow didn't stop anyone from having a good time.Wyatt bundled for the weather we thought we'd have.Great play area. Wyatt getting ready to skate and Mommy getting ready to shed that coat.Jack & Daddy. Shawn was a pro, I guess that's what comes from being raised in Chicago.Jack, this picture just makes me smile.Ella, our Sunshine. She snatched my mittens when her hands got cold.Wyatt had a great time.cousinsSami really trusted Uncle Shawn.Our boys, cousins nine months apart and getting closer every day.Wyatt and Mommy (minus one coat).With her Hypotonia muscle weakness Ella knows she has to work harder but she is always excited to try.
Jen with her two guys.Let the games begin.Jack loved Sami's Leapster,"I don't think that's a real word, let me look it up on my tablet."Uncle Tommy brought candy necklaces.WyattLilyElla & Jack relaxingand the game continuesPapa with Wyatt & PiperRelaxingGetting ready for New Year's EveWyatt loves all things Super HeroNatalie got all dolled up for New Year's Eve. Ella took this picture. She said her mom was beautiful and she is.more gamesand a bit of coloringThen we started celebrating the New Year. Ella stayed up the whole time.We hung outwatched a movieplayed some wiigot Jack up (they promised him) played some musicthen got Wyatt up (Charlie was missing him but Michele knew they'd have a hard time getting him back to sleep)Mother & daughter, so prettythen we watched the count downand toasted in the New YearThe kids loved their water from pretty glassesHappy Birthday Love! Tom turned 52 as January first dawned.CLINKCLINKThen we made a lot of noiseand dancedand celebrated 2012Morning brings another birthday party and our last full day together.
She is such a snuggler.Thomas prepared the steaks for our birthday dinner. Charlie was suppose to keep the kids occupied. They decided he needed to go to jail. They arressted him.He escaped and captured THEM. Fun and no toys needed.Our three redheadsTheses kids had so much fun together. I hope they always do.Then it was time for our big meal. Thomas and Natalie cooked and it was delicious.Sami kept reaching over to her sisters plate to take the eggs off her salad.Then it was cake time Piper even took out her binky to celebrate Papa's birthday.Lily loved the cake
presentsIt doesn't get any better than this!

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