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Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Crazy New Life

Our new normal day starts like this now. We still make it to the gym most days with the kids before lunch but no two days are alike. We have people and children coming and going all the time. Tom has been seeing a lot of doctors and has a couple of new diagnosis' that I'll post about when I understand it all (wait I will probably never understand it all) Anyway new drugs, treatment & maybe even surgery. So goes our life.We had Ella spend the night with us the day before her Aunt Nenni, Uncle Shawn and cousins moved in with us. She has had her own room here since she can remember and we had to get rid of the bed she considered hers and decorate the room for Jack. We had spaghetti and "pink steak", watched a movie with popcorn and cuddled. She's been seeing some doctors lately too. She's getting OT and PT for her hypotonia and are working on treatment for her ADD and anxiety. We're waiting on results from her genetic testing. Everyone that works with her loves her and can tell how smart she is but are still trying to figure out how best to treat her.A couple of days after the big move in was Valentine's Day and we had four grands for the night. Ella stayed in her old room but this time on Jack's trundle. They did great, actually they enjoyed having someone to share the room.He sleeps well in the new big boy bed we got him.Lily sleeps fine at night but she won't sleep past 6:30am. I don't mind so much. I get both Jack and Lily up and spend about a half an hour with them before I go across the street to get Ella & Sami ready for the day.Sami had to give up the crib up to Lily at our house and move to the big girl bed in the same room. Sometimes they nap and sometimes they don't. They love each other and play well together but they are each a bit jealous of my attention to the other. Still working on that one. Jack & Sami love each other too.Lily & Jack so happy. Glad they don't know the turmoil surrounding us.We went to see Shawn's farewell at work.
They all told Jennifer not to hesitate to call them if she needs anything while he's gone.Jack got a free "Daddy Doll" made in Shawn's likeness for children of deployed dads. Jennifer bought Lily one too.He never hesitates to say "I love you, Daddy" Shawn will be with us for a couple of weeks.
He wanted his family settled before he left.Of course Piper & Wyatt are in and out.
At any time we can have up to six of our sweeties here. Charlie has had no luck in his job search but will be starting school March 5th and is getting unemployment. Michele is waitressing and it all breaks my heart so I'll save that for another post.
Wyatt loves his super heroes!
Lily wants to pee on the potty like all the other kids. I hope that's a good sign for a time a few months from now.
Sami still keeps us hopping.
She gets into cupcakes she shouldn't or plays tea party with my Slovakian canisters
Our crazy new life, it keeps us living.

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