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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Week in the Life

Life here has been crazier than ever. Tom has been in a lot more pain with two more blown discs, more nerve damage and surgery in his future again. We've been changing up the house some to make it more comfortable for Jen & the kids to move in. Michele got a job as a waitress at Cracker Barrel and Charlie has had a couple of interviews with no job offers so is squaring away his financial aid and housing for Tech school in Philadelphia. Thomas spent the week on a mission trip in Africa leaving Natalie a single parent for the week. Needless to say we had a lot of "Sweetie" time.

Daddy loves to play on their level, usually getting them very worked up. Sure gonna miss him.
Piper is learning how to stack. Our littlest Sweetie isn't so little any more.
All those toys and this microphone from the $ Tree is a favorite to all of them.
The kids have had to be flexible about napping places. Our 2 1/2 year old didn't mind sleeping in "Piper's" bed. This time any way.

Seems like we always have extras for lunch
No candy is out of the reach of our little Chocoholic, even on top of the fridge.
The pictures are getting out of control, I know. Everyone enjoys them so much though.
She did have to go to time out for the candy incident. I did have to call in reinforcements on that one because I couldn't let her see me laugh.
I know she shouldn't be standing on the bench but she was so darn cute I had to take a picture before I made her get down.
Lily loves the hand carved bowl that Thomas brought me back, almost as much as she loves the stacking dolls that he & I brought back from Russia.
Another one of those moments I took a picture before I told them to get down

Jennifer is painting one of spare rooms pink for Lily. We're trying to make it their home for the next year and not just them staying at OUR house.This is what Tom does most of the day.
"In sickness and in health" I wish I could take his pain away.
Lily helped me clean out the bar. Making room for games and art supplies.
Yes Sweetie, you are worth the trade off of bar and game to toy room. Mommy says we should keep the kegerator though.

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