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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Open MRI

The new VA doctor seems to think that along with a new blown disk Tom probably has cervical spinal stenosis so he wanted an MRI of his neck and as long as we were at it they wanted some pictures of his thoracic spine. No big deal, right? Wrong. Tom gets VERY claustrophobic in the regular MRI tubes and that's all the Veterans hospital has so they contracted out to get the MRI's in an open MRI machine. I won't go into the bureaucracy that he went through but I'm sure you can imagine it. So yesterday was the day and I went along to literally hold his hand for 3 separate one hour tests.
 He downloaded magazines on the kindle for me to read. Of course they wouldn't let me have any electronics in the room but it was a sweet thought. They even made ME strip down and put on a hospital gown.
 When we left they gave us a CD of all the pictures they took to take back to the doctor. His appointment is next Thursday. We were pretty excited to get the CD. I'm not sure what were thinking because we have no idea what we're looking at.
 He had to take an extra Lorazepam when he had the thoracic one done because they actually wrapped his arms to his body so that he couldn't move and told him not to talk or even take any deep breathes. Of course after laying on the metal table he also needed a dose of narcotics.
I guess we'll know next week? Stay tuned.

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