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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last Sunday was Compassion Sunday. Since Thomas went to Tanzania through Compassion, sponsored by a wonderful loving family from his church, he gave the homily at his service.
His church The Vine is more progressive than I am comfortable  attending but like on Easter I attend when I feel it is more important for the family to be together. Jennifer used to attend there and still attends their small groups and considers them all friends but we now go to a Mission which is an off shoot of our local Catholic church.
When I found out that he would be speaking I didn't even hesitate. I was there with bells on, sitting in a school cafeteria at a lunch table eating my donut and drinking my coffee. Singing out loud to words on a screen and a seriously good band with Natalie at the keyboard. I love the music in their services. I love watching Ella sing AND dance to the hymns.
The people that attend are all like one big family looking out for each other just like a church should be. He had more than me in tears by the time he was done telling his story. He is such a wonderful man. We are blessed.

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