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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Day Before Easter and the Day Before That

This is the way we ended a very busy day. Sami spent the night in Lily's room and even though she has her own bed in there Tom found them both sleeping in the crib and had to put Sami back in her own bed.
Of course Ella was with us too and she slept on Jack's trundle. The girls spent the night before Easter with us because Thomas & Natalie were part of the set up for church service in the park Easter morning.

Saturday night we went to our club for The Bunny Splash. Jen & her kids and Thomas & Natalie and the girls were able to come and we had a great time to spite the look on Jack's face, scary bunny. Ella said that wasn't the real Easter Bunny, it must have been her helper.

Poor Jack saw the pizza and wanted a piece soooo bad. He doesn't get it often since he's lactose intolerant but Mommy said ok just one and he TORE into it. Baby payed for it the next day:(  No more pizza for Jack!

They started off in the splash pool but since it wasn't heated the parents weren't fans of it.
The girls didn't seem to mind.

The kids all loved the big pool and the noodles were a hit.

It looks like the grown ups had a pretty good time too.

Still the wading pool held a lot of fun.

Lily has gotten very expressive lately.

Jennifer says it's easy to pick us out from our tattoos.

Earlier in the day we went to our church for an Easter Egg hunt and a quick lunch to McDonald's. Easier said than done with 6 adults, 4 "big" kids and 2 babies in high chairs

The day was beautiful and the hunt was well organized. The kids had a great time

Our boys love being together!

You might notice the smear in the corner of the next few pictures. One of my sweeties got fingerprints on my lens and I didn't notice right away.

It took a while to get all the kids to get this close to the Easter Bunny. We even had to have two moms get in the picture with them. The three little girls just didn't want to have anything to do with her (him?).

The boys had no fear. They are the perfect age at 4 and 3 1/2.

Father and son. I love seeing them interact as adults.




Charlie with Wyatt & Piper, Michele had to work

They had activities inside too. Face painting, crafts, snacks and even a Bouncy House 

Sami the cat and Mommy the bunny
If looks could kill.
Ella whispered to me, Mommy says this skirt matches
but I don't think so. what do you think?
It's perfect Sunshine, you are beautiful.
Wyatt and Piper were here Friday too but we just hung out.
Yes, I let them play on my computer

Lily checking Piper for poop.

Meals are always fun around here even if it's just hard boiled eggs or PB&J.

Jack was having a blast feeding Piper. Cousins, gotta love 'em 

Wyatt with egg on his face

I promised Ella she could spend the night during her break. She's so fun. Trains, reading, popcorn and even a package for Uncle Shawn.

Jack in his library corner

Happy Easter all!
Easter post to come, I need to rest first.

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