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Friday, July 6, 2012

Samantha is THREE

Has it really been THREE years!
It seems like yesterday we were trying to decide if she's be a
We started the day with birthday donuts and presents.
I asked Thomas why she was wearing a T-shirt and not a
 pretty nighty for her birthday.
Because she wanted to. Okay then, it is her birthday after all.
smells good
What no one noticed until looking through the pictures is that she was
going commando with that T-shirt. Oh Sami.
Love Mommy's smile. I think there's some love going on in this house.

Daddy was so excited to give her this Rapunzel music box. She played with it forever in the store so he bought it for her behind her back.
Look, it's Ariel's dress from Grams and Pops!
She wasn't impressed, never can tell.
Look at all that loot.

Party Number Two

The party with her friends was low key. Everyone just met at the park and had cake and drinks and presents of course.

She loves her "Rapunzel" hair
It was so hot and exciting, a bit too much for our little man.
Sami's new brothers fit right in.
 Ella was so determined to do this moving balance beam. With her Mitochondrial Hypotonia this is a major accomplishment.

 Red cheeks all around
 Lily does pretty good keeping up with the big kids.

Lily and her new cousin
She is two, he is five 

 and then there were presents

 Love this outfit! She wore it the next day and loved it too.
 She loves books. Especially the search and find ones.

 then this "swinging" party had to come to an end

 Simple pleasures are the best!
 So Innocent So Happy

 Uncle Tommy standing in for Daddy.
I think that hat fits Jack better
 You can't buy these kind of moments

Mother and daughter, can you tell?
Happy Birthday Samantha!


  1. HI KATHY!!!
    I hear ya...where did the last 3 years go????
    She is adorable....and that is so funny she wanted to wear a t-shirt and no panties at that!!!!Love her spunk!!!She did get alot of great things....Daddy is a sweetheart to get her that jewelry box and surprise her!!!!
    Mommy is so in love ..I can tell!!!
    I love those cupcakes at the park!!!
    hugs ,

  2. What a little cutie pie! Looks like she had a fab birthday. Three is such a great age, innocent but cheeky too!
    Lovely post
    Love from the UK xxx