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Friday, June 29, 2012

Too Much Information

The day after I got back from spending the week with my sister was Father's Day. We kept the celebration low key. Tom's favorite thing to do is to go to the movies. He takes the big kids and the little kids and sometimes me (no matter who he takes though they always brings me back a bucket of popcorn and a lemonade) so this time WE took HIM. All THIRTEEN of us + Natalie's Dad,Roger, who was visiting to help while I was out of town.

I hadn't been taking very many pictures so the only ones on my camera were the Fathers's Day one and this one of my sister and brother from the day that I left. I E-mailed this one to my sister and sent the Father's Day one also. Bad decision. It upset her greatly to see a whole family( - Shawn but I'm sure she wasn't thinking about that)when she lost half of her children. Now she's not talking to  me. Something so innocent can cause such heartache. She knows she can be mad at me though. I'll be here when she needs me because that's what families do.


  1. The greatest compliment to you is that your sister got mad. She knows you love her enough that getting mad won't change how you feel about her. I am sure her nerve endings are raw right now and maybe she'll be able to see what was in your heart when you sent her the photo. You didn't send it to be mean but to let her know that she is loved by all of you. Her loss is so profound and your love is a lifeline that she relies on. My mom lost two of her three children...a loss I can't imagine living through...her life was never the same. I pray for all of you and especially for her to find some measure of peace in her grief.

  2. This is just a bad picture in general to post for everyone to see. And, Mom isn't even talking to me if it makes you feel any better.