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Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Anniversary and a Wedding

Last week Tom and I celebrated our THIRTY FOURTH wedding anniversary. With everything going on around here we kept it low key. We plan a big party for next year though.

The kids with the help of Jennifer made us a cake and some chocolate covered strawberries.

Ella is such a big help

They even decorated it all by themselves

Dancin' Sami

They even used our cake topper

Gotta love Em! All because two people fell in love

Squirt's been keeping us busy. He's over eight pounds now and spending a lot of time awake. Real clothes are even starting to fit him. We got him a swing this week but he still prefers to be held all the time. Who says you can't spoil babies.

STOP No more pictures

Only two more weeks until Ella starts second grade. She's been working on some online games and some workbooks. Sami watches everything her big sister does.
She's going back to Daddy's school this year and we'll be driving her and her brothers.

This is what our bedroom looks like these days. Who would have thought this would be our life 34 years ago. Life is good.
Lily has not been feeling well lately. She has a bladder reflux and is prone to UTI's. She has a high white count and has thrown up a couple of times. Careful what you wish for. She is SO active usually, it's sad to see her so down.

We all took the seven hour drive to Ohio for our niece, Krystal's wedding. The hotel we stayed at was right next to this little carnival. The kids all loved it.

We had dinner outside and with seven kids in the car all day it worked out great

They had these sprinklers but Thomas wanted the kids to stay dry until we were done with the carnival.
Those boys were definitely pushing their boundaries though LOL

There was a live band and we were all doing some dancing

Even Squirt enjoyed being outside

They all love the baby!
They finally got to get wet
Craziness ensued and we ended up with one bloody nose
and it wasn't even Jack

The next morning we went to McDonald's Play Place for breakfast. Where else do you go with NINE kids since Charlie had joined us by then

My sister stopped by too and was even roped in to holding the baby. It was so good to see her!
Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. We stopped by Grandma Joyce & Grandpap's room first since there were some kids they were dying to meet.

Tom hadn't shown his mom his pin up tattoos yet so she had to check them out. She couldn't believe they were me. She doesn't remember me being able to wear a bikini. I don't know why but it felt a little insulting.
They brought the kids some Marde Gras beads
Somehow our princess ended up with all the beads

We almost didn't make it to the church on time but we made our entrance right before the bride.

We took the opportunity to get a whole family picture with Tom's mom. I didn't know that later Krystal would have the photographer take a picture of all of us with her and Josh. They were all so sweet to include the new kids as family. My heart swells to be part of such a great family.

Lily was not feeling well but she was a trooper. She didn't throw up until the ceremony was over.

Tom's mom is so good with the kids. Strange because she really didn't seem to enjoy our kids. I'm glad these kids get to have a loving great grandma. Our kids were lucky enough to have Great Grandma Nutt through their teens.

Then there was the Dancing!

The girls all had their matching dresses on from Easter

Wyatt was the Ring Bearer

Charlie and the sister cousins

The boys were so handsome in their new suits and very excited to be there.

Tom  and his brother, the father of the bride, and their mother.
I wish every day could be as happy.
Here's to the next 34 years.

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    Great pics of your family...and little squirt is getting bigger and so alert...love makes growing easy!!!