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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Playground

We don't see much of Wyatt and Piper. They stopped by for a few minutes this week and they were very excited to be here, comfortable in our home just as if they were here yesterday and the other kids were happy to see them too.

So strange that we have three grown children each with two children and two of our children share their daily lives with us and one of them chooses not to. Don't get me wrong I don't need to
be involved in their daily lives. I never expected or invited the daily interaction it just kind of evolved. I feel blessed that our children want to share so much of their time with us. I just wonder what makes that close connection and why only two out of our three children have it. Not  complaining just curious. Maybe a topic for it's own post.
Our Princess P
I don't get enough pictures of Piper, maybe because she's the smallest but I made a point of getting some pictures of her this time.

It gets crazy here with all the kids in the house so we decided to take them all to the park.
Ella tries to act like she's too big for the other kids but she loves spending time with them.
Thank goodness this playground is 100 yards from our house. A much better place for six grandchildren to run than in our house.

Run Wyatt, the Johnny monster is going to catch you!
WYATT 3 1/2

SAMI 3years

JACK 4 years

Aunt Chel and the baby girls. Safest place for them.
PIPER 21months
LILY 2years

Don't look but Ella is playing with the little kids.

Wyatt was having the hardest time with his shoes.
The mulch getting in them was driving him crazy.


A quick visit but I'll take it

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