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Friday, May 17, 2013

Worship Mom Week End Part One

I can't even begin to tell you how much my 'Worship  Mom" week end has come to mean to me. This is the fifth year we have gone back to the same beach house and in no way could I have imagined where we are all at and the journey each one of us has taken. I love my family so much that I want to explode with pride. Thank you all for doing this for me even though it is never easy.

Baby Z our Thing 1.

Nik our Thing 2.
We thought he was going to be able to go to a new family but it just didn't work out. His birth family is working on getting him back. He considers us his family and all the sweeties his cousins. We hope that doesn't come back to hurt him even more in the end.


Baby Z is such a cuddlier.

Why do all kids love the tub?


Baby Z

Piper loves how she looks.
I do too.
Ella, Sami and their parents showed up later in the day Friday.

They all love that bunk bed. This year it was Charlie's family's turn to have the room.

I have a picture of him every year in this chair.

Love just hanging out. We sure did miss Jen and her crew!

Saturday morning we went down to the boardwalk to ride the rides in Funland. Of course we forgot AGAIN that they don't open until 1. We stood around for a couple of minutes in the rain trying to decide what to do. Then I said it's just rain, let's go on the beach! I love rain.

Not quite sure why i am carrying my winbreaker in a bag instead of wearing it.

I may love rain but rain does not love my hair.


Thomas even rescued a horseshoe crab.

Piper didn't want to leave
It was time to walk the boardwalk but we were getting a bit uncomfortable in our wet clothes so we decided to go back to the house for lunch.

 We changed plans again and decided to come back to the boardwalk for lunch and do the rides like originally planned.

We were so worried about bringing him and all his diabetic issues but he was just like one of the other kids. He doesn't let it get in the way so we tried our hardest to make it work and work it did. He ate Thrasher fries like the rest of us and we checked his numbers and gave him shots in public without a glitch.

Sami insisted on this ride. yikes!

Wyatt was always trying to wrangle a seat in the green wagon.

Daddy and Ella played a couple of games. Pretty soon the kids will be too big for the rides and do this more but I don't want to think about that yet.

He was so intent on buckling that belt.

Michele road with Piper. Wyat giggled though the entire ride.

Our big boys stood in line and gave them their tickets all by themselves.

He said it was his rocket ship.

She road a couple rides but spent most of her time relaxing with Papa. So good to see her smile. it has taken awhile. oh, she can say our names now too.

Ella was big enough to be a driver on the bumper cars.

"How do you back up this thing?"

Michele and Piper.

Piper waiting in line for the crazy swing ride.


This is my speed. I remember riding in these boats in a little amusement park in downtown Cleveland

I took almost 400 pictures over the course of the week end and I still have the beach pictures to post so I think I'll stop here for now.

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