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Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Another Week

It was take your daughter/son to work day for Natalie and since she works in HR for the Department of the Army and hires the civilians that help our soldiers they had some great things set up for the kids.

She even got to meet the general. Natalie was touched that they took time out of their days to show their appreciation.

Sami was without a nap that day, so she slept while we waited for our table to be ready.

 Texas Roadhouse has free dinners to kids with costumes on since we're exactly half way to Halloween.

An armildillo. Sami wouldn't go near it.

Daddy's girls
Tom met us there with Baby Z. She was at a dinner visit with her family but you would never know it the way she ate with us. This girl scrounges for food CONSTANTLY. Eventually she'll realize there's always going to be a next meal here.

 Wyatt and Piper were here one morning. Five kids is crazy.

Michele quit her waitressing job and now cleans houses. Hope it works out for them. Charlie is still getting settled with his promotion.


He's finally playing in the sand again. He's got a phobia with insect and saw one in the sand  and he was terrified to be out there.


Jack is playing a game on Facebook with me.

Lily at a play date.

Then another full week end.

She is getting so strong, Mitochondrial will not keep her down.

Piper and Z supporting their team.

Nik and Wyatt

Coach Thomas


Then back home for some more outside play.


We bought this house a couple of years ago and have gotten great use from it.

A new addition to our church family

The simple pleasures like friends in the backyard and your first piece of watermelon, Life Is Good!

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