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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Nik wasn't with us for Thanksgiving but I hear he had a great time.

As in the last few years
we went out for our Thanksgiving feast.

Ella enjoys her pink meat

Piper enjoys her shrimp

We all enjoyed the company!
Wyatt enjoys his pumpkin pie
Papa enjoys his scallops

After a nap it was time to go see a movie
Frozen was great

Then it was time for
sandwiches and desserts
at Thomas & Natalie's house
The turkey hat Jennifer made was being passed around

Ella had made us all cards
She is the sweetest little girl you'd ever want to meet

There's always fun when the cousins get together

We missed our Texas sweeties but they kept busy
They had a lunch with Daddy at work the day before
They went to the DEFAC (mess hall)

I was too busy enjoying myself and
didn't take my usual amount of pictures.
It was a very busy day.
I love my family and am so blessed.
Thank you God

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