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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Eve Then and Now

Our little man won't be with us for Christmas so it came a bit early
The plan was to celebrate at Hershey Park and he was so excited
to see the chocolate city and ride some rides
but a big snow storm came through and we weren't able to go
so back to what we know best
shrimp, pizza, chicken and Jo Jo's
We've been doing it this way since the 80's

of course we have to eat off of the 'good' china

Next Christmas, God willing,
they will be holding a baby

with Uncle Chuckles
our original red head

Can you tell they are mother and daughter?

For a man who has everything. Fresh scallops,
The 80's!


shrimp, yum!

The dining room table
The best place to get together

The dining room table in
the 80's

watching TV
TV in the 80's
Anyone remember 'pong'?


Playing in the bed room
In the 80's

Playing in the bedroom
Gramma Nancy and Crissy
in the 90's

at Grams' and Pops' house

Sami's My Twinn doll

Her first non toy present
a real digital camera just like Grams has
 at Gramma's and Grandpa's in the 90's

decorating cookies

an add on staple from our Germany years
warm wine

Lego table
Of course it wouldn't be a blog post with a picture from Texas
They are spending Christmas with family in Chicago
We will meet them in Indiana next week.
We are truly blessed
Merry Christmas one and all!

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  1. Love all the old photos from the 80s! I now slip in photos of their fathers at their age into the annual photo books I make for the grands. Also, love your beach banner photo! How creative!